Thursday, July 16, 2009


The past few days have been draining... travelling to Fairview and back for a "patok" review session with a popular reviewer who taught Biochemistry. She is notoriously famous for reviewing "patok" a.k.a. "Sure Thing" stuff on the said subject.

Biochem has never been my cup of tea, and many others would agree, so as a class, we trooped to the bus stop at as early as 6am so we could catch a ride to Fairview QC.

I'm not a really big fan of it, fairview...:-p The review class she gave was interesting. She had good command of biochemistry, and made it look so easy, but then she had the habit of injecting zany (and green)Cebuano jokes every now and then. We furiously scribbled notes. Patok is the word. and we're all needy.


The past is the past...and we have to stand by the choices we make. If we chose our dreams over the loves we had, then we have to be ready to face the consequences.

If our old loves find new loves, then we really can't do anything about that, can we?

I can't be profound, i've lost it sometime in the last few months when I decided that I wanted something more out of life.

It's a long story, but I have to say, I hurt. I hurt because of a choice I made...

There is no going back and salvaging anything.

I am utterly powerless now.

Weak with regret? maybe.

Needing peace. Of course.

Jealous of the "new love"? Yes.



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