Monday, February 8, 2010

Piece of Me (February)

      I like:  
1. Black tea with honey...
2. That it's my father's (on the 22nd), and grandfather's (on the 12th)birthdays this month...
3. That I'll be getting my overtime paycheck this week...
4. That work is getting to be more challenging...that I am more patient (i think)...
5. McDonald's Hash browns and...
6. having friends/family who I can talk to about anything (you know who you are.), anytime.

     I don't like: 
1. Sometimes  being mistaken as a student/or as a nurse because I'm young-ish looking (I get called 'Day a lot by some patients if I don't introduce myself as a doctor first) that I lose credibility because I look a lot younger than my other colleagues, which is flattering sometimes, but not when someone starts second-guessing/questioning my chart orders just because someone else who was my senior did things differently (which has happened twice). In my most annoyed times, I am tempted to bring out a journal article and go, "Hey, I'm not playing here, take a look for yourself." 
2.  My naivete sometimes.
3. Unintentionally acting stupid/making a fool out of myself in front of boys I like. Argh! at my age! :-p
4. some memories of "left-handed Aquarians".
5. not being out for a while.

I want you to know:  That I will be working my hospital paperwork earlier, and will not let it go I did in senior year of Medicine. haha. Oh, and that I am ok with Valentines's Day being a Sunday.

I've planned:
To try (and then perfect) 3 new dishes that I  learned about from 2 of the nurses I work with at the hospital, because they made it sound so easy. haha. AND to go with the nurses to Boracay this April for a vacay! Oh, and read the paper daily, even if it's an online version lang.

I want to say to someone special:  Happy Birthday, hash brown ...person dude.! :-)


I'm a little late, but that was my Piece of Me entry for Toothfairy's community entry game. :-) Clicky here, for details. Have a good week, everybody!

~ S.


  1. this looks fun, i hope you won't mind me joining it, too. :p

  2. that is nice.. i hate feburary for very personal reasons very similar to yours. ironic isn't it? i was reminded just a while ago about how much i hated it. and the news and a lot more was getting under my skin. but, i am happy for you.. you have a bright and sunny disposition for feburary and that is beautiful. and do you ever really watch what you eat??.. its been a while i have gone all rambo out on food. :)..

  3. @Portia: It's a free country...and I'll go hunting for more "Q&A's" for fun. :-p

    @Nitin: Thanks, I'm perpetually perky if i want to be, but I have my down moments too. I don't hate february, i've had nice memories of it too, as well, only, this year, I'll probably consider it as any given sunday. ('Cause then, maybe March'll be more fun, romance-wise.) :-p

  4. Though it could be a little weird when people think you're still a student, in the long run, this is going to be to your advantage. You're blessed with good genes. You won't have to get botox early. LOL.
    I'm thisclose to thinking that February is really a good month, you'll have OT moolah! Cool. ✮ ☀..✈

  5. I like tea with honey too, but I add lemon if I have it. Some of my friends have the problem of not be respected because they look younger--all of you will be so happy when you are 40 and look 28!!! It's kind of cute when a woman is a little flustered by a guy she's much more attractive than the overconfident girls. =)

  6. @russ: moolah = retail therapy = compensation for not dating on valentines' day. not that it's necessary...

    @rick: thanks, now that you put it that way... :-p oh, and about that guy, I don't like being flustered, I'm usually "Joe Cool"...i mean, "Jane Cool". he must think i'm an

  7. my birthday is only a couple of days after your dad's.

    i just wanted to say that. =D

  8. I also hate it when I'm mistaken as a student. "Dong, I.D. nimo dong!"

  9. lol to i don't like #3. enjoy boracay! pasalubong ha. :D

  10. @engel: yeah, thanks for the detail, I'll be sure to remember that *wink,wink*

    @LA: haha, really, strict pa ang SU guard sa imo?

    @marley: don't laugh. it's a perfectly legitimate excuse.



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