Monday, February 8, 2010

On Supernatural

     All it took was a couple of episodes of SUPERNATURAL and I was begging my ma to get me a copy of the latest season's DVD (bootlegged, of course) from the friendly neighborhood video pirate.

     Which is just as well, I can't sleep early (my body clock is set to "hospital time" - a.k.a. Late hours/Early mornings/Chopped up sleeping hours (a wink here, a wink there)... I don't really mind not being able to sleep because I have a list 1.5 inch stack of PhilHealth paperwork that I brought home from the hospital (with permission, of course).

     Apart from the adventure/paranormal theme and storyline, the two siblings are plain eye candy. Certifiable. I can't even decide which brother I like best, Sam or Dean. Dean ( Jensen Ackles), is the strong, leader-type elder brother who plans things out (or doesn't) and is gung ho most of the time, often to the point of being plebeian, it is almost a turn-off. However, he has great bone structure, and has the most balanced facial symmetry in any actor I've seen since. He is a sight for sore eyes.

     Although, on the other hand, Sam (Jared Padalecki)is tall(er) and handsome in his own way but is more humane and academic about their work. He is always the more level-headed guy, always reasoning with Dean if the other flies off the handle. However, Dean, with his instinctual drives, is almost always right about whether or not their "captive" is a demon, or not. Sam's level-headedness and emotional "thinking" would get them in trouble too...the "captive" that they released would turn out to be a real demon anyway...

     (Maybe it's best to be plebeian and instinctive, haha.)

      Anyway, it is very entertaining, and I'd like to see more episodes, especially since I just found out that there are only 7 clear episodes in the entire DVD that Ma bought. Serves me right for patronizing the piracy...

~ S. 


  1. I like Dean's wise-cracks.

    It's weird that Sam played a character named Dean on Gilmore Girls.

  2. have seen the first 2 seasons. some of the episodes are ripped off from the x-files. the show's resident director is also from the x-files. tidbit lang. enjoy both shows!



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