Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mid-afternoon random notes

                  First off, A big big happy birthday greeting to Pop who just celebrated his 56th birthday yesterday (the 22nd)...and I do mean 38th when I say that. :-p For the best pop in the world, I wish...that he could win the lotto (by some stroke of luck), he'll have more projects around the house that he wants to work on (as well as a new set of power tools, haha), and peace, and serenity, and last but not the least, the desire to finally quit smoking.

Yep, I love you too, Pops. :-)


...And the same goes for my other friend who is celebrating his birthday today, A. :-) Sure, I'll wish that you'll get your hilltop house one day, but for your own good, I wish you'll "desire" to quit smoking too. :-) Good luck with everything, really. I think you've got a lot of potential, and I'm sure you'll use it. BFF's  forever? :-p


I spent most of the days off just chilling, doing my domestic duties, going out with my cousins to watch the kiddie/teen Greek mythology flick, "Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief", which was just ok. My favorite line there was when Pierce Brosnan (who is otherwise known as the delectable James Bond) was in a centaur's costume and said flippantly, that he had a horse's ass...literally. I laughed so hard. But that's 'cause I'm shallow like that...and I was with my cousins, and we get silly together. 

My phone rang (in level 6 volume "Do You Remember" by Sean Jay, thank you very much)in the middle of the movie and I had to guiltily blush while I turned it off. (It's deemed annoying, and this time, I was the offending party. I could hear the guy sitting next to me shift in his seat and shake his head while doing the tsk tsk. I was mortified. ) 

It turned out to be a friend of mine who was getting toes painted red in a salon, and just wanted to tell me about it. (Gee thanks.) :-p


Anyway, do you know what's better than a platter of sashimi after a movie? 

I do. 

It's a platter of sashimi shared with your cousins (who ordered their own food, by the way)(in a Japanese restaurant.  :-) I was out with them last Monday, and I so love love them both. Cousins and sashimi, I mean. :-) Manang Ja, paid for the whole movie and dinner thing, which made it doubly more fun. :-p


I slept over at my lolo's place that night 'cause my little cousin had a bit of a cough, and my tita got worried... Naturally, I'm the doctor-on-call, which suits me just perfectly, 'cause I like taking care of my little cuz's medical needs anyway. He's such a fun kid, and everyone loves him (I'm the eldest cousin, and he's the youngest...which makes us both, I suppose, the favorites. ;-D)


Out of the blue, a friend of mine called me and we talked for a while, well, a long while, about dating and relating. (and skin care, but that's  just a little something extra.) Such a refreshing outlook. :-) I liked that a lot.  It got me to thinking that maybe, it is always best to be honest and once you're committed to someone (and in love with them), then you should make yourself emotionally and physically unavailable for everybody else.

Which is why, before you plunge into something you should be really be sure, and it must be with your whole heart. :-)

And, although he/she won't be able to help it, nobody likes the "interloper" the long run, he/she will also wind up getting hurt.


My cousin Chris is leaving for Australia on Saturday (and I can't see him off, 'cause I'll be on duty at the hospital), after three months here in the PI. He'll be back again next year, but I want to get him a nice present for when he goes back to school. Any ideas? He's 24, single, athletic, super nice guy, and is super-Filipino, but doesn't look it. :-p---actually, i tried fixing him up with a blind date, but that ended comically. :-)

Any ideas? Thanks! 

Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. oooh percy jackson! i'm a percy jackson BOOK addict. have you read the series yet? way better than the film. the film didn't really suck but it veered way off from the books storyline and kinda missed out on the more interesting twists.

  2. re your cousin, i was just about to suggest a date but then that might just end badly so never mind haha!

  3. Your pop is handsome. I hope he quits smoking. Does Chris need any electronic gadgets or anything to help him with his studies?

    Interlopers usually end up getting hurt, along with the couple. But every situation is different.

  4. happy blated bday to your dad. i really wanted to watch that percy jackson movie. instead i would be going to a serious movie with my sis tomorrow. :((.. i really haven't done some social-hanging out for a really long time. and my social-extra-cirricular activities have been soo stagnant for soo long its stinking.. have to take the animal out of its pitt, and perhaps give it a shower, take it out for a walk ,a hair cut and shave too :P, i see you are totally hopped up on your relationship. thats nice. so your cuz had no place to hide from the dating scene?? poor chap.. :P since i am a bachelor celebrating his celibacy, i would be the wrong person to give ideas on how to ground a guy into a relationship. :P but then i think in between the vast expanse of what is Australia and the narrow passage ways in the university he would be studying at, he would most definitely find a girl, or perhaps she would find him. be positive... :D

  5. @Koryn: Haha, i know, i feel like such an evil cousin for matching him up with just anybody. 'Cause let's face it, he IS a big boy now. but now that you've mentioned it...shoot your blind date suggestion my way . He is, after all, staying in manila before going to aus. ;-)

  6. @Rick: Thanks...but you know how it is with stubborn people, they never do anything they want to unless by crafty coercion. <--i'm still thinking this one over.

  7. @Nitin: I really shouldn't be meddling in my cousin's love affairs,'cause basically, he's like, 24, and not 4. :-D Go check out the Percy movie for some light fun. Greek Mythology is always fun. :-)



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