Thursday, February 25, 2010

You don't have to read this.

(Please don't read this entry. Nothing good will come out of it. My words here will not benefit you in any way, and neither will they save the world from the destructive effects of global warming. Also, it will be very long, very boring, and totally irrelevant to your life and romantic relationships.)

Read, at your own risk, and time...

One time, a guy friend (who sort of looks like Paul Jake from this season's PBB, but not really, much to his chagrin) asked me if I liked the song "One Wish" by Ray J. And I was like, "Yeah, I've heard it before, and it's on my player." And he was like, "I just heard the song, it's pretty cool." And so I listened to it again, and after a few runs, I figured, yeah, it has a bit of a catchy thing to it. "If I could have one wish..." etc etc.

It's a shower song, a bus song, and a muni-muni song...perfect for times when you're sitting in a bus and you have no one to talk to (which always seems to be the case for me when I go take the bus to work, not that I'm particularly interested in wanting to strike up a conversation with just anyone.), or when you're cooling down after a run, or just walking by yourself after your rounds at the Sports Complex...

But that's just me.  "One Wish" has been currently on heavy rotation on my player these past few days. One time, I posted it as a status update on facebook, and I got asked what I would have if I had that "one Wish". For purposes of goodwill, I offered, "World Peace". In reality, I could ask for something more maybe a million dollars, or as my brother used to say, "a thousand more wishes", but hey, I just said nothing revealing.

Who reveals the desires of their heart in lurid, sensationalist detail anyway?

Not me. I'm keeping mum. :-)

Speaking of matters of the heart, after I was discussing a food topic with a friend, and having that cut short because the nurses paged me because there was a patient seeking consult, I got to thinking. [The patient, by the way, tried to open a softdrink bottle using his teeth, and wonder of wonders, something happened, and it slipped and cut his lower lip right down the middle. And I do mean middle. Like, split in half.

(*sigh* Murphy's Law, goes to work at any time of the day.)

And so, because i like working on things like that (and also because in the middle of the quiet quiet rural area where I work, there is no other doctor on duty), I got started on repairing the thing, worked on it for about half an hour with my chromic and silk sutures until...boom, thank heavens, I pieced it back together, good as new (albeit temporarily fuller, but that's no big deal, really, the swelling subsides.).  (Also, I kept thinking that this 14 year-old kid would probably still want to spend a considerably part of his adult life kissing and making out with girls he likes, I felt I owed him the time to stitch his kisser up with extra care and time.)

After writing out the needed prescriptions and sending them on their way, I got to thinking about lips...and kissing, and then eating, and then, about food again.

I am such a bad bad pupil when it comes to the regular aspects of domestic life...really. I wouldn't know how to impress anyone with my cooking skills. I laugh it off, and pooh pooh it, hurriedly coming up with the usual excuse of "I never had any time," or "No one taught me", but really, I'm thinking. What WOULD I say if the guy of my dreams (whoever he may be) comes up to me and asks me if I can cook... If I came up with, "Umm, I'm sorry, I don't cook...but I can put lips back together...and deliver babies really well?" do you reckon he would love me more? Do you think he would find it cheeky and adorable...I mean, me, being messy with blood and guts and smelling of "woman", would he take that?


That isn't someone you want to spend your life with, trust me.


Anyone who knows me usually says I'm a positive person, I'm optimistic and cheery and I'm probably on of the first to believe that there is a lot of things in store for any given person, whether the potential be definite or not...that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow...

But since I'm coming down with a cold, it is not easy to remain so upbeat and just revel... just because my throat is itchy, and breathing through my mouth, it is easier to take a little masochistic swipes at myself. argh I hate being sick...I'm hardly ever sick.

I even find it appalling that up to now I haven't selected who I really want to vote for as president of the Philippines. NoyNoy Aquino stands for the legacy of Cory and Ninoy, but I still haven't fully convinced myself, haven't read enough. Manny Villar promises a 100% pay raise for Physicians when he'll be president (which makes it sound like he's a popular choice for us working doctors), but I think the other flak about him weighs him down totally, not to mention the LSS-inducing jingle of him online... Gilbert Teodoro would be particularly impressive in the international scene if he were president, but since he's with the administration it's hard not to entertain thoughts about him being held on strings by an "invisible" political hand (think: Puppet). 

Seriousness aside, I once joked to a friend, who asked me who I was going to pick as sperm donor just in case I wanted to have a kid (without a baby daddy) who had all the right genes, I said, "Oh, I want someone who's Filipino and has "top of the line" qualities and genes (i.e. Bar topnotcher, 6 feet tall, fair,rich boy, all good schools, always mentions the wife (yes, that is relevant in a sperm donor!) etc etc, heck, he even has a Pilot vibe, with the  Learjet 31 rating, whatever that means. Let me go ask google, or pilot. :-D

Anyway, I'm reading Conrado de Quiros, as well as other people who write in the newspapers. I'm an "opinions page" kind of girl...before I go to the headlines, and then the entertainment section. Conrado de Quiros has good, tight writing, one of the best columns I've ever read, but when he has favorites, he always plays them up, and when he has can really tell.

Still, the National Elections is about making informed choices...which is why I'm appalled as to why I seem to not care at if the next six years of my life won't be affected by the next leader of my country... I can't believe how complacent about these affairs I can get. (It's totally not acceptable.)


    I don't understand the lyrics, but this song sounds like a good song for picking up the pace when jogging...  It's by a Korean group called Shinee, and I got it off my cousin Yakee's music files the last time I copied some of his music. its catchy. tell me what you think of it. 


Speaking of songs, I'm trying to get the hang of WICKED's and GLEE's Defying Gravity...even if it's only in the shower. I like this song. So apt, so timely. 

Just a thought...if you wanted something bad enough, and if you wanted something, you'll do what you need to do to get it. Maybe the happiness is not just in the getting what you want, but in getting there.

Bah, I'm not making any sense. I was talking about dreams and goals, though.

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  1. If a man only wants a wife to cook, clean and make babies, he might not be interested in spending his life with a doctor. But if a man wants a wife to be his other half, then cooking is not a big deal. Maybe you will marry a chef!

    A few times in my life I have really enjoyed wanting something. Thinking about it, reading about it, enjoying the thought of having it. But when I finally got it, I felt like "now what?". I had enjoyed the process of getting it more than I enjoyed having it. Maybe getting there is the best part.



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