Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Clip: Nights in Rodanthe

     I was watching Nights In Rodanthe at around 4AM earlier today because I couldn't sleep yet...

     At first it wasn't my cup of was just a so-so thing, but then I surprised myself by bawling at certain scenes in the movie. Bawling, as in literally crying, with tears and a red nose. I was all alone in the living room and everyone else was asleep, but I couldn't stop myself from being a total spazz.

     I got a vid from youtube, a clip, but since this one shows mostly semi-torrid love scenes and mush, I'd like to [painlessly] direct you to the particular scene that made me cry...4:01, and so forth. I reckon I was never good with goodbyes, and I guess it was easy to relate how you would want to keep being with someone who, as Diane Lane said, give you the kind of "love that makes you feel that you can do anything..."

     She lost him in the end, you know. He died in a foreign country, a South American jungle in a mountain accident. All they had together was a weekend in Rodanthe, where they fell in love...and when they separated, they wrote each other letters and got to know each other better. He'd write, "When I'm writing, I can feel your breath, and I hope you feel mine...(etc etc etc, all those sweet-ish nothings that lovers write about*.)

      His son, who was a doctor in that South American Jungle, came to visit Diane Lane's character to tell her that his father had passed on, and that he wanted to thank her for saving his father. And then she said, "No, he saved me..."

     (and you can pretty much guess who ended up bawling some more at this point in time.*sniffle* ;-)

     My theory about all this, is that, in life, people come and go, for reasons we may or may not know...they may stay a while, a few years, a few months, or they may just leave. But when they do come, they teach you something valuable, and help you put your pieces back together, until you're good and new and whole again. The funny thing is, they may or may not even realize of this, but they are an opportune blessing...

One that gives you the courage to be better than you are, not less than you are. One that makes you feel that anything is possible. I want you to know that you could have that. I want you to hold out for it. 

------ (and it was at around this time that the lights went out and I had to abandon this blog entry.)----- 

People only react to a certain movie/media if they've ever had any experience related to it. Maybe I just have my stories too... Boohoo...

* although i doubt it if they had, "I will now park my pen..." in any of their letters. haha


  1. aba. nag-emo si doc. :p

  2. i've seen the movie... ngalang... tinulugan ko siya... i might watch it again...

  3. @marley: I have a thing for sad movies...I'm a sympathetic crier.

    @gillboard: it's ok, it wasn't really a "big event" of a movie, may moments lang. hehe.

  4. i can relate to it, too. and just like you, i'm a cry baby when watching movies like the one you posted here(a pack of tissue won't be enough!).



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