Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Climb, By Ahmir (My current "mmmm..." song)

I found this video during one of my late-night facebook sojourns...

I like it, for no special reason, other than, it's a song I'd play if I were out late on the balcony on a moonlit night, thinking. It's a theme-y type of song, something I would listen to when I was down, or in pain, or just feeling quiet. R&B/BoyzIIMen type vocals and bass always soothes me...I'd close my eyes and just sway to the beats, letting it wash over me like a comforting tide of good energy.

:-) And then all my cares would just float away, even for the few minutes I was held in its spell.
 (I loved this one, thanks Ronald. I stole it from your facebook page.:-p)

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