Friday, March 5, 2010

Piece of Me (for March)

I like... 
  •       Mutya Buena's cover of "Fast Car"
  •       Anthony Burgess' essay on "The Novel"
  •        That I'm getting paid by the end of this week (yey!)
  •       That I have my mother to rant (in three languages)to about anything at all, including stuff that bothers/annoys/irritates me 
  •       singing "Defying Gravity" from Glee/Wicked
  •       Casey James. :-) (With his angel lips and hot guitar skillz.)
  •       Freedom.
  •       The feeling of being in-charge of my destiny.
  •       working out. Even for just 30 minutes at a time.
  • :-p
  •        push-up bras, and bright-colored bathing suits.
I don't like:
  •       being disappointed 
  •            missing someone (definitely NOT the ex.) and not being able to do anything about it
  •            unrequited love (but hey,in a certain way,it makes for good writing) .
  •            waking up late in the mornings.
  •           if patients in labor come in in the middle of the night and tell that they haven't had any     prenatal check-ups anywhere and not realize the risk 
  •            talking about a painful episode in the past, because it just makes me annoyed and angry,   quite surprisingly, and because it is a waste of time and energy now that I think of it. I'd like to start fresh, please.
  •         being a fool, intentional or not.
  •         Rachel Bilson's character in Jumper ( so annoying.)
  •         the fact that I even care about the above item. haha. :-p

I want you to know:
  •        that we should all vote wisely in the coming elections, and not be swayed by political propaganda. Making the right choice comes with knowing all your options, and I do mean Know, as in know and be informed and not just dwell on hearsay. 
I've planned...
  • to work out more often
  • to lessen carbs :-D
  • upgrade my CPU and printer
  • learn to drive a car
  • to get braces...? 
  • take better pictures
  • be more patient (although this isn't exactly a plan...:-p)
  • come up with a better budget
  • take my cousins out to dinner next week.
  • ...and to just be a better person, over-all.
To someone special:

 To Pettie and Bermoy, my ex-housemates (and classmates in Med school, in Iloilo), who just got engaged..."Congratulations, here's a toast to M.F.E.O.!!" :-D


Props to the ToothFairy, for coming up with this monthly game, Piece of Me. :-)


  1. buy a killer laptop na lang doc.

  2. get a killer laptop na lang doc. or a netbook if a laptop is too heavy when travelling.

  3. Nice post. Great way to display and sum up your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate the encouragement. Have a nice weekend!

  4. that was insightful. i don't like unrequited life. and that is why i never disappoint anyone. ever. :P and you rant to your mom in 3 languages.. that is a verbal aptitude on overload.. and that too for a rant.. amazing.. and why do you need braces?? you have an amazing smile anyways. anyways.. nice list.

  5. nice list.. and you rant to your mom in 3 languages?? amazzing.. why do you need braces? you got a great smile anyways.. and i too totally don't like unrequited love. that is why i never say no. that is the least we could do for world peace :)

  6. When I am a fool intentionally it doesn't bother me because I know I had a reason for it. When I make a foolish mistake I can't stand it. If you made a mistake I would tell you everyone makes mistakes, but it's difficult to be so understanding towards my own goofs.

  7. @ Marley: yep, i'm getting a laptop later...and I'm being patient. :-)

  8. @Nitin: "Not saying No for world peace", eh? that was the funniest! hahaha

  9. @Rick: Yeah well, mistakes are a given. It's what you feel in retrospect that makes you cringe. lol. all our little foibles come back to haunt us. :-p



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