Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project 365: Day 3 "The Coconut Oddity"

"Coconut Oddity." Manjuyod, Oriental Negros, February 15, 2010.

David Bowie did "Space Oddity", right? For some reason, I could not think of any other word more fitting. :-) It's a terribly provincial photo, but what can I say, I pass these by when I ride the bus. :-)

Anyway, this is a coconut tree about 30 minutes from where I work, and they say that at one point lightning struck it, and after that, the tree just branched out and grew another full head of coconut fronds.

These are coconut trees, not "Palm" trees, by the way. haha. So not L.A., California. :-) (Or should I really be calling it a tree? ooh, it boggles...)

It reminds me of the pair of conjoined twins featured on Life Magazine many years back about a girl born with two heads...or was it two girls with one body? Nonetheless, they both had distinctive personalities, as with this tree, which bears fruit equally on from both "heads".


  1. atep the shutterbug =) you always take great pictures girl :-) I was wondering ngaa "Sonia"...this has something to do with our thera thing before?haha...subong ko lang na gets haha :-)

  2. hehe, i couldn't shake off the alter-ego. feel na feel ko gid ang amazon princezz vibe. az in. I miss you guys! how's life na, DOC? ;-) woof.

  3. doc mu da e...kaw man doc miss you na haha...we'll drop by sa imo if madayon kami nila ni mike,rups, zel and andrea mag road trip to bohol via bacolod and dumaguete...hehe :-)

  4. hahaha! ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganyang puno ng niyog. winner.



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