Sunday, March 7, 2010

"10 Honest Things About Me"

I've been tagged! :-)

RicAdeMus tagged me on day, with the "revised" honesty tag. Instead of 25, I only get to do 10...which should be easy.  ;-) Anyway, how this works is...that you tell 10 details about yourself and then pass it on, tagging other people you want answers from. :-)

Ok, so hmm...let's give this a go:

1. I like order, and detail and nice sentences. :-)
2. I take my time when I want to, when I work, I really, non-stop.
3. When I get angry (which is hardly ever and very rare), I usually start getting sarcastic.
4. A friend of mine (who's a blogger friend too) said that he's had me all figured out, in terms of what guys I go for. He said that they were "..tall, funny, athletic, left-handed, reads, smart, nice..." (I forgot the rest, it was a long list.)
5. I wrote a story when I was 8 about a guy named Pietro who got stuck in a Rip Van Winkle type of wormhole plot...and even stapled the pages together. My grade school crush read it, and he went, "Did you really write this?"
6. I miss my friends back in Iloilo and I would really love to see them again. (I was thinking of doing my residency training in Psychiatry there, but my gut instinct was boss, it said it still wasn't time to do so.)
7. I tend to overpack...and sometimes I think packing light is just a recipe for disaster. Everytime I go somewhere for a trip, i always need to be "ready for anything".
8. I would do probably most anything for family, and people I love.
9. Stupid things I've done quite a number of...but just enough to let me realize that I don't ever want to get into doing them again. :-p
10. When I'm in a conversation with someone...especially if its an interesting one, I like to stare at the details of their faces; their eyes, their hands, their lips, their mouths...or their voices and gestures, the timbre of their voices, the motions of their hands...even the way the light plays on their hair and features. I remember things better this way (I always sat in the front row in class. :-p)

----------- tagging list will follow. :-p( i want to get them all in. )  Have a happy sunday!


  1. haha.. you sound like those hopeless romantic types. paying attention to the details and the sidelines.. so what are you planning to do your Masters in?? still got your first story with you?

  2. #3 happens to me too. Usually my humor is harmless. But if I get really annoyed with someone I tend to be a little..well, I'll just say funny, but not so nice.

    Interesting as in interesting or an interesting guy???

    Psychiatry? I better keep quiet, because I don't know if it would bother me more if you thought I had "issues" or of you thought I didn't!! =)

  3. I also look at people's details, not only when they speak. But I try to do it not too obviously, hehe. Nice to read about you, I've done that, too, before. It's good for new followers to get to know you better.



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