Friday, March 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 4 "I know where it's at."

The Surgical specialties are where it's at. 

The big money, I mean. 

To illustrate a point, i got these props together to come with this picture. Some of them were borrowed, stolen, and collected, but I'm not telling which were what. :-p

I got to thinking about probably going into Obstetrics as a career choice, because the past several weeks, I found myself enjoying my Obstetrics work at the hospital. I delivered 4 babies in one tour and I enjoyed delivering babies immensely. It is a happy specialty, I told a friend once, because you get to deliver babies...AND contribute to their health while developing. (You can't get more hands-on than that.)

One of my distant cousins is an OB-GYN, and so far she is doing pretty well for herself. she is always busy...and oftentimes doesn't have a lot of time to spare. She is almost always busy, but does balance it well, though, so it's good. 

She didn't say anything about recommending that I go into OB...but she did seem pretty surprised that I wanted to get into neuropsychiatry. Like she thought I was a weirdo or something. lol.

OB usually is so...practical and repetitive, whereas, Neuropsychiatry is so...three-dimensional, no contest there. (And, it almost always made perfect sense.) 

And...also, just to insert a minor detail, Clinic hours were regular 8-5 (if without emergencies), so I'd have plenty of time for my 10 kids later.

jk. :-p


  1. it's coming in at a close second, rudeboy. :-)

  2. But why isn't it first? Oh, wait. Neuro is your first love, then.

  3. Neuropsychiatry does sound interesting, both are important. Has your cousin had time to start a family?

    I see your tweet over there about mercury phase out. My brother claims he used to break open thermometers so he could play with the mercury--he said one time he used it to make a copper penny look like silver. He also insists I was with him. I don't remember that at all...I must have been very young. It makes me woder how smart I was before the mercury and all the blows to the head I took during childhood. Oh well, ignorance is bliss, right? =)

  4. I've always wondered how it must be a great honor to be an OB-GYN and deliver babies. Imagine being the first hands to hold and welcome a new life. Amazing :)



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