Monday, October 27, 2014


Some songs make me sad sometimes...

Snow Patrol's song is making me a tad bit sad right now...

The cadence, the lyrics...

Or is it the singer's breathy vocals that talks of young love?

There will always be songs that will take you to times in your life that you'd rather not...write about. Some things are just so etched in the most integral parts of your brain that you can't seem to grow out of it... it becomes part of your working memory.

Your life...


When I have particularly bittersweet memory, I tend to talk about myself in the second if trying to see if other people share that particular experience. Mostly, I end up alone with my musings. Perhaps there is a pining that one's heart can never forget completely... perhaps there is that memory that will always remind me of the pain that I felt and thought that I would never forget.)

But I think I did... I hoped I did.

I think I wanted it, though, wanted to feel the bittersweet pain that poets dreamed of, and prayed to the heavens on their knees for... I knew it then, and I don't know if I still want it now, but...

It is is not something I would easily forget. But I must let it go.


U2. With or without you. 

another one of those anthems...

I wish I never opened that wound. 

Everything else just follows.


And then, we make a choice. Or someone makes it for us.

And it helps make things clearer by the day, the year...

And then it won't hurt so much anymore...




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  1. Somedays it will seem to be forgotten, but somedays it can come up out of nowhere or be prompted by a song. There's a "oldies" song that can really get to me. "Your Song" by Elton John. There's a line about not remembering if the person's eyes are blue or green. That can get to me because for a time when I was very young I remembered that one of my parents had blue eyes and the other green. But I couldn't remember which was which.

    What are the odds that there would be a song lyric about so specific a problem??? I think that shows we are never alone in whatever it is we're feeling.



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