Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo: Rose Heart Clay

Rose Heart Clay. July 27,2012. Crowne Plaza, Ortigas.

     I couldn't sleep...had too much coffee when I went to work earlier, and now i'm still wide awake, and its almost 5AM. I know I'll be having a lot of patients to see, but I can't help not sleeping. I used "extra-strength coffee", AND had another cup of regular one...geesh. Me and my choices...

Anyway, the opening ceremony for the Olympics is on...I'm watching it via ABS-CBN...but the reception really isn't all that hot. i have no choice, it's the only channel that's showing the olympics opening ceremonies.

The British sure do know how to throw a party! :-) I love it! :-)

I'm inspired...Practice really DOES make perfect...

I wonder how long it took everyone to get this all together. :-)

(I'm actually going to start my tour of duty in a few hours...not a wee bit sleepy. good luck to me.)




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