Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sex Columnist

I was wandering around National Bookstore during my lunch-break, and I chanced upon a book called “She’s the one,” by a G. Gilderman. No biggie, actually, it was a self-help book by a sex-and-relationships columnist (who happens to be a guy), telling about how men like their women, basically.

Although I personally deny being “into” self-help books, I usually can’t help passing by that section whenever I’m in bookstores. They’re pretty tempting, plus, I’m a sucker for tips, of whatever kind.

Anyway, I thought the guy was funny…he said that the “Sex and the City” type of lifestyle could never work in a real New Yorker society. Nobody simply had the time to engage in such frivolity as daily lunches with friends, and unlike Carrie, the well-known Sex columnist, who had a swanky Upper East Side apartment, he, also a sex columnist, lived in an apartment the size of a toilet…

He was funny, in a way, because he was just so down-to-earth and practical about relationship advice ( i.e. “Girls, you really shouldn’t be too concerned with your body, or your measurements, WE JUST WANT TO SEE YOU NAKED.” Haha, practical advice, really.)
The self-depreciation turned me off, though…it was on every few pages.

Tsk Tsk…

It made me him sound a bit like a loser.


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