Friday, February 13, 2009


“Could I be your Valentino?”

So went a text message I got on my phone a few minutes ago…

I stopped for a minute, and thought about the prospect of going on a date for Valentines’ Day…without thinking about it. Just for the heck of it. :-p

He also asked if he could “apply” for the job of asking me out. (I found the term funny, you know. Funny, and quaint.)

I told him that I was flattered that he asked and but that I had to say no, I wasn’t going out on a date for Valentines’ Day because I had already made plans. (I was going to Antulang for the weekend with my family. They had “gotten to me” first, and frankly, I’m a bit relieved with having the chance to slip away unnoticed on this day of hearts, which can sometimes be so overrated.)

The attention is very flattering, of course. It almost makes me want to strut around like a peacock, because, as a Leo, I love to preen... Appealing to my ego almost always works. (haha.) It is always good for a girl to feel desirable at one point or another.

But the question there, is, that if I weren’t going to Antulang for Valentines Day, would I be going out with him then? I thought about for a minute, and thought that yes, I might, but definitely not on Valentines Day. I never did like the schedule…it would be completely awkward to be sharing resto space with all these other couples who are either,

A.) Lovey-dovey because they are spending the umpteenth Valentines’ Day together, or,
B.) Lovey-dovey because they are so in love with each other they’re all googley-eyed. OR,
C.) Lovey-dovey because they just met, are intensely attracted and might have sex later, OR
D.) Are blind daters who feel that to get with the spirit of the season, have to “keep up” and have a great time with said date.

Lol… To be perfectly honest, if I were to go out on a date with someone new, I’d much rather prefer it wasn’t in the context of Vday. It just sends out the wrong message, because, not all these love matches end up great. I’d much rather have fun with someone (if I’m lucky) on some other day, doing normal things.

However, you can’t blame me, I guess, the subject of dating is still a little delicate. It’s hasn’t been a year since I broke up with someone (my usual bounce back time is a year, max) and I don’t think I’ll be falling in love with someone at the snap of a finger anytime soon. Although I joke about it, and say in jest over and over, “Who cares about commitment…It’s safer for me right now to just go on dates with different guys so I can sample each type…”, I know I probably wouldn’t just have casual sex with anyone, much less commit and fall head over heels in love right away.

If it happens, it happens…

The dating, I mean. Not the sex.

Well, not now, anyway.


JK! (Just Kidding!)

Really, I am. Lol…

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