Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Point and Shoot: Silliman Medical Center

a few "quiet" shots of where I've been spending most of the day...and year.  

It's a little bit of everything...

The fun afternoon rounds.. :-) 

the view from the 3rd floor Bridge to the Medical Arts building
The ball field is right across the street...great for jogging, walking, and ogling fit, sweaty soccer players, triathletes...which i have no time to do, of course)
The Zen-effect mini-falls set-up that they did for the Koi pond in the Lobby. (Kinda cool...but it can get quite noisy
The view from the Emergency room at 6 in the morning. I took this one after getting out from the OR to take pics of Mindy and Baby Chiu. 

(No biggie, actually, just a few clicks and snaps here and there. I had the impulse to go out and shoot things earlier this morning after 24 hours on the job.)

Have a nice day, y'all! Be safe, don't do anything I wouldn't do~ ;-)


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  1. hey, give my regards to Bunot if your still at SMCFI. The new building looks great. Good luck with the exam.



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