Sunday, May 10, 2009

Going down the Mile


 I’ve been working at my hospital charts for hours now and I’m not even halfway through.


 If only I had done these earlier, like, maybe in the last couple of months… they have piled up considerably, and as a result, I may have to set my schedule for board review further away.  The latest that I will get everything ready will probably be the 20th…that’s counting the time I have to go back to my old school in Iloilo to get my records so I can take the board exam.

 I wish I had somebody to worry about these things for me… or better yet, I wish I had somebody tell me how silly it was of me to keep putting the work off.

 My old classmates in facebook have talked about how they were already cleared and were well on their way to start the review…EM even had a massage and was speeding on his way after he got cleared (Yes, I do read status postings in facebook.. :-p ).

PGI A: Working on his admissions sheet. PGI B: Resting her head on a small fraction of her workload. (Records Section, SUMC, May 2009)

 I’m not the only one who’s dealing with this…a majority of us PGI’s have had to “reschedule” because of all this chart work. Some got lucky, they had the heavy rotations (i.e. Medicine, Surgery) earlier in the year, which left them a lot of free time during the “lighter rotations” (a.k.a., less “toxic”) rotations later to do their paperwork. (They’re about half-done, I think.)

 In my hospital, the Interns (that’s us) do the paperwork (i.e. history, PE, discharge summaries, etc), and the rest, if not finished, is set aside until you can do them at a later day.

 Unfortunately for me, that “later day” is, well, now.

 LOL.  I used the phrase, “My past is coming back to haunt me, Ma…” earlier, when I was joking with my Ma.

 I had to take out my trusty old electric typewriter,which I got when I was in high school, out so I didn’t have to feel as tired.  My right hand could only write so much… Also, because of the sheer  volume of paper work we had to finish, my handwriting had become so illegibly impossible! (And very slow, which has made the typewriter a boon.:-p)


Ma volunteered to help, saying that she’d do the ones where she’d just have to copy stuff and not have to summarize anything. So, I had to teach her where to find this and that, where the final diagnosis was placed, etc. After a few charts on her own, she was able to go ahead and do her work by herself, asking only occasional questions, and deciphering “undecipherable” handwriting.  She had trouble reading mine, honestly speaking. :-p

 So, wish me luck, y’all and here’s hoping I can get everything done by the 15th of May so I can hitch a ride on the “Cadiz Carpool” to Boracay…where I’ll be getting off at Iloilo City, of course.

 You know what, for some reason some time ago, I was envying the guys and gals who had “significant others” who pitched in and did their chart work with (and for) them…I didn’t have mine who would get down and dirty with the chart work with me. 

But then again, I thought, who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a Ma who’s willing to go down the mile of charts (literally!) with you?  Di ba? Di ba? 


Happy Mother’s Day, Meme! :-D 

Thanks for always being there...


  1. you won't be in the city the week of the 17th?

  2. when i returned to work at SMCFI as a resident , i still had unfinished charts of those when i was a PGI. I think I was the last to get cleared of my PGI batch that year. Started my review around june too. SO don't worry, hinay2 ra. You can just hangyo ma'am dinha na mu balik ra ka to be a resident to finish up your charts. hehehe thats what I did. but im sure naa pa ko charts dinha nabilin. hehehe

  3. @ Marley: which City? Dumaguete or QC?

    @ Bricalz: haha, thanks Bri. Kapoy lang jud.

    @ Fykeee: hehe, i'll try tell that to mommy Eduard, see if she'll bite. haha. It's my fault for "taking my time" kc. arrgh!!

  4. So you're an intern in SUMC diay? I live near SUMC.

    BTW, my site's, not Hehe. Thanks! See you around!



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