Monday, May 11, 2009

Rapid Fire

(a.k.a. My thoughts on the Miss Earth 2009 Interview Portion)

They had a fast-paced interview portion at the Miss Philippines Earth pageant last night, which proved to be quite interesting. The host no longer had to be the one to do the asking (slower pace). One contestant would pick another's name from a bowl and then come up front when her turn to be asked came. The contestant she picked would be coming up later and asking her a question point blank.


:-p It initially had the tones of "Catfight!" written on it, from the way some of the contestants would saunter up front to ask questions, with matching hair flip and an "I-dare-you-to-answer" attitude.


From time to time, I would look up from my work and make little comments…(which happened to entertain my mother), unable to keep from doing so. It was a fun interview to watch, I have to say…some were confident, some were, well, reminiscent of a deer caught in the headlights, unable to get their thoughts across. Others were just too confident (I had one in mind, but I'd rather not say who she is, 'cause she didn't win anything anyway, so why bother.:-p)


I especially liked Sandra Seifert's answer to the Big Question. When asked what she would change about herself if she won the pageant, she answered very confidently (and I'm paraphrasing here) that she would need to be more aware of the issues, as well as encourage other people to be more aware of the environment so we can all figure out what we can do to help save it.


Aside from the fact that she was very articulate, I had to agree with what she said, it is essential for anyone who was "going into the Environmental battle" to know about the enemy and what the options were. That was how anyone with an advocacy was going to effect any change. Knowing the enemy is already winning half the war. (I'm paraphrasing again. J)


I think she'll go far. J

P.S. Also, and another thing I have to add, I couldn't help but notice how self-conscious Nikki Gil seemed last night. She didn't seem like she was into the "regular" onstage banter started by her co-host Billy Crawford. I reckon if somebody like Billy Crawford would compliment on your outfit and call you something related to being "ravishing" or "radiant", it would be better appreciated to say "Thank you." Instead of "OH, c'mon…".

Hehe…. But maybe I am biased, I did have a crush on Billy Crawford before and all. So don't mind me.




  1. i didn't know you watch that kind of show steph. hehe.

  2. Let's be honest... we want those girls to be beautiful... who care about their brains... ;-)

  3. @ marley: who's steph? haha.. seriously now, i DO watch these shows when they're on and i feel like staying put. i poke fun at them sometimes...but overall, i just like to see how everybody deals with everybody else in the 'extreme' situation. Also, maybe it's a bit vicarious? haha.

    @ sidney: haha. you're so B. :-p sure it matters. :-p



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