Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding Fan

(Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, wed April 28,2009)

(I'm a closet romantic, and am a big fan of dream weddings. I especially love it when I see the bride and groom enjoy themselves during the ceremony and reception. it's always a good sign. Although i admit i'm not a huge fan of showbiz weddings, this one sure was refreshing in that you see a bride and grooom who were obviously in love with each other, and that they had the good sense not to let other people's opinions matter on how their wedding should go about.

Like I said, i'm a closet romantic. Next thing you'll know, i'll be gushing about my own wedding plans...someday. haha. )


  1. i think they really do look happy...sana ako din someday..hehe..

  2. Weddings get me too. I like the idea of planning my own wedding -- with a world of possibilities out there, from the motif to the gown to the entourage. But mostly I'm a big fan of happy endings. I hope we get our own happy endings too Tep...

  3. hi krisler.:-) It's great to see fairy tale endings in real life too. :-) good luck in finding yours. :-)

  4. gaya, I think that weddings are especially fun when you're the guest, pero planning for it can get very stressful., if you know what i mean. :-)

  5. I watched some video clips of their wedding on SNN. It's an affirmation thatlove works! :p



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