Monday, June 29, 2009

The 40 day Shebang

Check out what I'm drinking these days...

L to R: Lemonade, Green Tea, Singaporean Coffee (say klassno 3 times, and it comes out pretty funny), Black Tea, Milk, Bear Brand cereal and Honey.

A while back...while the Board exams were but a 2 months away, one of the doctors who was lecturing in a review class said, "Do you know that the number 40 is a very significant number? Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights..."

He, in short, was saying that anything significant needed 40 days to prepare for. And, for this board exams, we only needed to work hard on the 40th day before the big one.

And that, dear friends, is today.

The 29th of June... :-)

(Guess what, I'm talking in my sleep and grinding my teeth again.)


  1. Wow! Coffee to keep you awake while you burn your eyebrows. Milk to make you fall asleep. LOL

  2. don't get me wrong...i only drink the milk once every, what, 4 days? I'm not a big milk person anymore. I only got that because milk speeds up the metabolism, and we need that. ;-)

  3. Wait. Milk actually speeds up body metabolism? Shoot. I bought milk the other day hoping that it would make me fat (or at least stuff me with body mass).

  4. Haha, talk about milk and milk white chocolate. I just came across a new fad diet. It says if you eat black chocolate, you must also eat an equal amount of white chocolate. The theory goes that the opposing black and white will cancel out the calories, daw. Hahahahaha! Corny ba? Hehehehe.

    I-carnitine mo na yan! (Oops, FA oxidation pathway! Hehehee!)O teka bat nagbablog ka pa? Hehehe.

  5. i'm blogging once a week na lang, doc mel! :-) it's a necessary distraction.. :-p

    pero, on the choco diet, haha, you got me. that was classic. haha.



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