Monday, July 27, 2009


(This blog entry is a three-parter, and the last I'll be writing for a while. Pardon the chattiness, I'm just totally psyched.)
I was doing lunch with 3 of my close friends from school at a nearby korean restaurant after our class at Dr. Toom's review place was done.

We were talking about a variety of things, mostly medical, amusing stuff, and we got to the part where, one of my friends, Sep, said, "Sonia (not my real name), has know. She always has to go places...can't stay in one for a very long time... "
Another friend, the only other guy in the table, stopped short and with semi-shocked/surprised widened eyes, asked, "WHAATT??"

(I reckon he only heard the word "LUST" out of the whole "Wanderlust" word that Sep said. It was interesting to see how his mind worked...who knows what images he had conjured in his head then?)
We quickly corrected him, of course...mahirap na if he thought otherwise. ;-)
And, just in case you were wondering too...


[won-der-luhst] Show IPA

–noun a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

* Grin*
(K, if you're reading this, just know that I don't mean you any harm, this is purely educational. Peace? :-))
Another Crazy Dream
About two nights ago, I had a really bad dream. I dreamt that I was on an island about to sink, and then I saw a group of people clinging for dear life to a huge inner tube (a.k.a. a salbabida or floater) to stay afloat. I tried really hard to swim toward it, because I wanted to go with them, but then suddenly, this big, tall gay guy with big feet kicked me away. It was a dang good kick, and it sent me way back to the shore.
I remembered waking up really angry about it...and it was so hot, and airless in the room (someone had turned off the airconditioning) and being all hot always makes me crabby.
It was a bit of a scary dream, actually, and of course, my mind was scrambling as to what it could have meant. I mean, they say that usually dreams are opposites of what usually happens in real life, but I totally did not relish the thought of being kicked like that.

Any revelations for me? What could it possibly mean?

"Flowers in the Mail"
By the way, I ordered something and I can't wait for it to come in the mail...I'll be getting it a few days before the boards, and I can't wait to taste it. I'm giving it away as pasalubong for my Aussie cuz, for my Paranaque family, and of course for me, and my roomies, and the guys (oh, by the way, I'm the only girl who got invited to the Boy's celebratory eat-all-you-can dinner. Mainly because I'm a dude? I suppose... get this,

Me: "Hey man, aren't you guys going to get awkward with me around? I mean, I'm the only girl there."
M: (shocked) You're a girl??

(That was paraphrased, but you get the idea.)


Famous Last Words

Anyway, this is it, my last blog entry until after the Big one (in roughly 3 weeks)... :-) Please pray for me. I've done my part, yes, but really, it's out of my hands now. :-)

And yeah, i'll be celebrating my birthday too. If you know my phone number, don' t forget to greet the queen, and if you don't, well...i'll be accepting I.O.U's at my email address. :-)

Things I want for my birthday:

1. World peace. (hehe.)

2. A brand spanking new laptop.

3. Flowers from ...nevermind. :-p

4. an average of 85. (hehe)

5. Closure and Peace of mind. (Yes, i'm still wishing for it.)

and lastly,

6. Answered prayers...

Thanks for putting up with me, people.... You've been a great audience! :-)


  1. Happy Birthday (whenever that will be) Sonia/Sep !

    Needless to say, I wish you all the best, the very best, better than 85 even. :-)



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