Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been a big fan of the NeuroPsychiatry program in UST ever since i heard about Dr. S, who graduated from the same program. I went there this afternoon with a schoolmate (who was 5'11", chinese, and the intelligent hunk vibe, but with absolutely no interest in moi, i presume, so it was ok.), who showed me where to get the info and all, and also gave me a bit of an intro of the place.

I have the flier safely in my sling bag, and I'll review that later. It's pretty basic, but it does require that I hand in two recommendation letters by the 28th of August...and submit to an interview and exam on the 29th. It's still an option, i haven't put down my "final plans" in stone as of yet.

'UST is not clannish...and basically, they pick candidates who are good in skills and theory, " he told me matter of factly. He was very helpful, actually, and I have a feeling he's going to get in the Neurosurgery program, piece of cake.

(Good luck!)


We had an exam at Dr. Toom's place...the material was easier this time around, and i hope i get a good enough score. I was feeling confident, so I decided to have an hour off to go online and blog a little.


My "sticky" subjects (i.e. subjects I'm not a big fan of) are, Biochemistry and Anatomy. The rest...I like. It doesn't really matter, though, I have to study them all anyway.

Honestly, I can't really decide if i want to get this all over with, or if i want this to extend on and on so i can postpone making very final decisions. I want to take two weeks off after all this, make money, and then get on with my life...and hopefully, fix up my love life which is pretty much in a shambles, and do some travelling.

Simple enough, eh?

Fixing up my love life, means fixing myself too. That last one taught me a lot of lessons and had me in tears at certain points in time, but it was inevitable. When one makes choices, one has to "suffer" the consequences.

I just wished there was more kindness involved, that's all.


Moving on... here's one movie i'd like to catch, because even if it's got a lot of cheese factor, the male protagonists are, well, oooh-la-la.. haha. so there. :-)



  1. i bet that movie would suck just like the first one. hehe.

  2. doc miacs, good luck! keep the faith...hehehe...i know u can do it!

  3. haha...i don't really care, marley. :-p

    Anapugan: girl, thanks. I need that too! :-)



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