Friday, September 4, 2009

Alphadog (GI JOE)

My cousins and I went to see GI JOE this afternoon...

It was flashy and CGI-powered, but it was good fun...we grew up in the GI JOE generation, after all.
I loved it mostly because Channing Tatum.
I have a big crush.
Every few big scenes, I'd be yelling out "I love you, Channing!"
(I think it's just 'cause he's so...manly.)


Physical beauty.
Gotta love it.

This video for GQ is catchy. It's the perfect way to make someone know how sexy you think they are to you.

(That future boyfriend of mine (better be game.:-))

(video taken from GQ website and

(It it doesn't download, click here..)

( I love you, Channing!)

* grin *

(Mini-critique: Although the film is loaded with loopholes and is mainly CGI-powered, it's a lot of fun to watch, and Marlon Wayans provides the necessary comic relief it needs. Channing Tatum eats his words and Sienna Miller over-kisses, and the scenes get All-American corny, however, on the first run, you'll be cheering for the 'JOE's too all throughout the film. It's something you'd watch with cheesy popcorn or fries and watch with friends or's just plain fun, no thinking required. A little note, though...Cobra didn't really become Cobra until about a few scenes into the end. So we'll be expecting a sequel, of course.

Can't wait. More chances to yell, "I love you, Channing!!" LOL. Just kidding.)


  1. Lee Byung-hun!!! koreans are sooooo yummmy...

    i really wanna blog but i don't know how... i've always wanted to be able to write just like you... its so hard coz ur my crazy cuzn and im normal....bwahahahhahaha

  2. I have a ton of crazy cousins, but I know EXACTLY who you are. Long live Korean cuties. :-p



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