Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Facebook frenzy

I do believe in free speech, but somehow, like in this story letting issues air out in shoutouts on Facebook is quite...unprofessional.

There are two sides to every story, and to shed light on the real issues, both sides must present their sides in a proper court of law.

It's not just because of the fact that Vicky Belo is a doctor, it's also because of the fact that a lie, if said over and over, and repeatedly becomes so ingrained into the subconscious that it eventually starts to resemble the truth...

( worked for Hitler.)


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  2. ' i agree with yah doc.. have you heard of the Korina Sanchez vs fellow ABS-CBN reporter RG Cruz row? it stemmed from status messages posted on FB as well.. this is what they call freedom without responsibility..
    - a lie often told becomes truth.. now Hitler really got that one right.. =)

  3. I've read about that thing with Korina in one article here in the net and that of Belo's I saw that in the news.

    You're right, a story always has two sides. People should be more careful and at the same time be responsible with their words, especially on the internet.

  4. I don't know, I always thought that was cowardice...not facing the issue head on, but instead tweeting about it to anyone who's willing to lend an ear...or offer a link. If you had issues, the proper thing would be to state your facts and THEN give your conclusions...that way, the next few readers will be given a chance to weigh things too, and maybe verify. Di ba? Di Ba? :-p



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