Friday, September 25, 2009


This is the song that brings to mind warm, deep, hugs that smell faintly, but very comfortably of familiar baby scents…of gentle kisses from the one you love

…and you’ll settle and nudge deep, deep into strong stable arms that will keep you safe and won’t let go…

…with the heart of your heart, beating softly, under your palm placed gently on his chest, a steady promise that when you wake up, he will still be there, and nothing has changed, except that, he has loved you more with every new day…


  1. Hi! Blog hopping from Russ. :D My $ y/o little girl loves this song. She even knows the words to it. She heard it during my sister-in-law's wedding and loved it since then. :)

    If you want relaxing music that would put you to sleep you should try listening to Bliss' album "Quiet Letters". ;D

  2. Hey kaitlin. Thanks, I'll look up "Quiet Letters". Bliss is absolutely heavenly, eh? I got to know about it through a friend..

    It's cute how your toddler knows the words...i'm trying to picture her singing it pa. :-) You have a nice blog. count me in as a follower. :-)

  3. This is the first time I've heard of Bliss, but I liked that song that you shared so looks like I will look for more Bliss music.Ü

  4. A friend of mine, a guy, shared it. they put that song on the sound track of sex and the city pala.. It's nice, eh?



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