Friday, October 16, 2009

I adopted a baby...

I adopted a baby...

...on Facebook's baby adopter one time. I saw it on someone's facebook page and I thought, hey, that would be cool, I could feed the baby and stuff and keep it happy...

(Kind of like a pet, huh?)

So, I adopted, chose one named Taylor who had a saucy stance, and had her tongue out. I thought that was cute and funny, so I picked her...

Ten minutes into the thing, after I fed her and all, I started thinking...what if she gets so hungry and I won't be able to feed her? What if  I get so busy with work that I won't be able to play with her? I took it seriously, of course, even if it was just a game.

(...and why does she look so much like that crazy doll in Chuckie*?LOL)

That got me to thinking, though...Facebook games are just fun and all, but if you didn't like something, you could delete it, or give it back. Having a baby, a real live one would be a big responsibility. How about those people who couldn't "redo" having one or "delete" their baby? Don't get me wrong, I like babies, and I'd have at least three, but this whole baby game on facebook was just a bit of a freak-out.

And so, 30 mins after I had her, I gave her back...

I'll try again next week. :-)

~ S.

* Chuckie the doll gave me a month's worth of nightmares after I saw that movie about the possessed doll. 
Girl in Pic: a cute kid I saw in OPD...I'd like my kid to be as peppy and full of life as she. :-)


  1. ' talagang sineryoso mo ah? ehe.. ako i wud like four children in the future, but i hope 2 twins.. =)
    - u'r ryt that having kids is one big responsibility, one that spans a lifetime.. it should never be taken lightly while having the time of your life as a parent.. =)

  2. Oooh! I like. I wanna try this one out, but I'm afraid I'd be hook again. I am currently very much hooked on 4 apps in Facebook. Hehe. I'm not sure if I can afford to have another one. But I really think this one's interesting.

    That's the photo of the baby?
    Ang kulit!

  3. @theLastJedi: Yeah, I sort of freaked out ten minutes into the app...I had fed the baby lang and it said it was happy. I wasn't sure if I could keep her happy. :-p Also...there was other details like, being a single parent, and if i wanted to, I could hook up with another family...etc etc. details, details. :-)

    @r u s s: You might be hooked, I warn you. :-p But it's ok, you can squeeze her in between the typing madness...:-) Nope, that cute smiling kid was a kid we had in the OPD while I was doing my senior year in med school. She was cute as a button, and would smile at the camera every single time. (She reminded me of



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