Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Comfort Music

Last night I was up until really late, downloading songs that Pop (my father) wanted. It was mostly a collection of songs from the seventies, sounds he grew up on, which reminded him of "the good times" in college. It was a long, long list of things...the downloading queue made for an incredibly long wait (I wanted to get it burned and ready the next day).

The big excited smile on Pop's face was rewarding enough when I presented that cd of songs earlier tonight...we promptly launched a game of "Name That Tune". I'd pick out songs on the pc and he'd guess what he would hear on the headphones. He sang along to most of the songs, of course, with eyes closed and soulful belting ensuing...

My pop is a big music fan, but he's mostly into the rock, blues, folk and country, Motown, that from the seventies, so I grew up listening to that kind of music myself. Why, when I turned eighteen, he belted out a totally rockin' version of Alice Cooper's "Eighteen". (Beat that.:-p.)I feel more familiar with the genre, I could probably sing to Jimi Hendrix or the Temptations or Don Mclean without breaking into a sweat.

Now, I don't know how that would be useful these days, but I call it comfort music, a touch of the familiar that soothes/excites/enlivens any occasion. A band called Sly and the Family stone, their party staple during the seventies, has some great songs with funky lyrics that help boost your confidence. Wild Cherry's "Play that funky music, White Boy" gets me dancing (without my meaning to), and gives me a good, fun workout... I would know if a guy was "the One", if he made me feel like what The Temptations sang of in "My Girl". Hmm, what else? Oh, musicals are the most fun...Jesus Christ Superstar's a house favorite (i.e. I can sing it both in and out of the bathroom).

I like different types of music, of course, and currently into Indietronic, after a friend gave me some cool samples... but when i need a good picker-upper, I always go back to my seventies music roots...


What's your comfort music?


  1. Ah nice choice of music, doc. Me, I love jazz... Sweeeet.

  2. familiar experience. bakit nga ba ganyan ang mga elders natin about their music, especially 'pag downloaded na at ready to be served. LOL! somehow, i'm sure, music bridges the gap. i am fond of jim croce's music. and, of course, the beatles'.

  3. Do you go Saguijo? There are several bands there that play Indietronic.

  4. Haven't been there, but hey, thanks russ! :-)



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