Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon... and the friend and lover archetypes

             Since I was in Cebu for a couple of days, I decided to catch the much-hyped “New Moon” installation of the Twilight saga in Ayala.  It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, and because my father went with me, I could very well say that my chances of dating a cute guy, or any of my Cebu-based friends for that matter for the day’s Last Full Show were zilch, nada.

            So, with father in tow, I went over to Ayala and got our tickets. Pops was asking why so many people were into watching this movie (he would eventually ask me repeatedly what the fuss was all about in-between periods of “sleep and wakefulness”. Haha.)

            I spotted my grade-school classmate Farah (Farah-noid, :-p) who yelled out to me, “Steph!” while we were going up the ramp into the theater (or rather, she spotted me.).”Eeek!,” I went, “You’re here!” And we hugged. It was a good thing I got to see her, she said she was moving to the States with her husband Galen very soon, for good. “I’m rooting for Team Jacob,” she told me.

            I just grinned, and then went, “We’ll see…” Honestly, I didn’t really have any picks. I went to see the film because I was curious, and not because I was swooning over RPattz’ romantic lines, nor fawning over Jacob’s fine, fine muscles. Yet.

            Book = Movie. They stayed true to form in their adaptation, I believe.  All the fans knew what was going to happen so it was pretty predictable. Of course Edward was going to say those lines from Romeo and Juliet perfectly and to the letter and of course Jacob was going to just spring out on screen, transformed from being Jake, a gangly (sort of) 16 year-old to being Jacob, the hot Man-Wolf in all his ripped perfection. *drool*

            Like in the book (New Moon is the 2nd book in a set of 4 in the Twilight Saga), Jacob becomes Bella’s best friend/therapist/mechanic/co-thrill seeker after Edward gives her the [very] harsh, “You’re not good for me,” which of course, plunged her into months of uncertainty, melancholy and listlessness. [ Seriously now, why can’t “dumpers” give the real reason to the “dumpees” when they want to break things off? Having thought about that, though, saying “ Hey Bella, I’m afraid my vampire brother (or family, for that matter) would rip your throat open to feed on you, so I’m going to run off to Pompeii to brood, but I’ll certainly be spying on you from time to time, don’t worry... ” isn’t really going to help the story along, right?


            So anyway, Jacob and Bella go through the veritable cha-cha of dating and relating… i.e. He comforts her, makes her laugh, shows her around, protects her from Laurent, the vampire in dreads, watches a crappy B movie with her (i.e. Face Punch), [superhumanly] tries to kiss her (but in vain)…and in the end still gets the slap in the face when she finally tells him, “I love you, you’re my best friend…” (OUCH.) And to top it all off, there was the unforgiving, “It has always been him…”

            No wonder he went running around the great United States and all the way to Canada besides, after that. (Other guys would probably drown their sorrows in voluminous amounts of beer and liquor, but that’s probably ‘cause they don’t have the wolf genes and have the power to break the speed limit running for days at a time. :-p)

            Poor Jacob…just because you’re a great guy with a hot bod doesn’t mean you’re going to get the girl in the end. Girls are complicated creatures most times… Although Bella wasn’t entirely so, she just had a one-track mind. If she were a CD, she’d be playing “EDWARD” tracks all day long. With those blinders on, the ripples of your pecs and abs are not going to sway her so easily.

            Edward, on the other hand, capitalized on the fact that he was a 109-year-old tall, pale, handsome ladies man with a lot of dough…who was going to be around forever. Women like that kind of security, I suppose. (LOL). Let’s face it, he knew all the right things to say, read all the right books, drove all the right cars, heck, he evens spoke all the right languages (AND knew Shakespeare besides!). His downside was that he was a brooding, moody, overprotective boyfriend who thought that everything needed to be done in extremes.

            I mean, “You’re not good for me.” – what gives? Surely there must be a better, more ego-syntonic reason than that, Mr. Vampire Guy…with the beautiful eyes, full lips, razor sharp cheekbones…Er, right. Moving on…

            I think the real question is, who would Bella (or any woman in general) want to be with eventually…Jacob, the hot (literally) Wolf-Boy, or Edward, the handsome pensive Vampire Man?

            Which once again brings us to the age-old question, “Who would you marry…a lover, or a friend?”

            Of course, with Friend = Jacob and Lover = Edward.

            (Mind you, the last scene of New Moon was that of Edward saying the words, “Marry Me” to Bella. There was a collective gasp in the audience and then the lights came back on (after which, of course, my father got up and declared that it was a crappy movie all along. Haha))

            On a side note, I’ll tell you who Bella (a.k.a. “Everywoman”) will pick… it’ll be Mr. Lover-slash-Mr.Vampire-Man-slash Mr. Perfect, ‘cause that’s what the books are going to say (In case you haven’t read it yet, I’m sorry for spoiling the surprise, but in case you have, you’ll know that everything will end up happily ever after (i.e. they have a cute little vampire baby, a snazzy house-and-lot set-up, a great sex life, and eternity to keep the number of Mountain Lions/Bears/Caribou down to a sound level to protect the delicate North American ecosystem.

            The end.


            This entry was inspired by Farah, who asked me which team I was rooting for, Ron, who asked me why girls were so into Edward, when he was so pale and skinny, and D., who said that he’d pick the lover, because they’d be friends later, anyway. :-p.


            Go Team Carlisle ! ( I’m rooting for the Doctor Guy.) :-p


~ S.


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  1. "Girls are complicated creatures most times ..." → Hahahaa! Amen. Hindi ako kokontra :) Darn, I really have to watch it already. I feel sooo OP, almost everyone I know in the real world and in the blogosphere's seen New Moon.



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