Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tonight's movie...

Tonight's Movie fare. Will be out for a few hours. Feel free to drop me a line.


  1. Hope you enjoy the film. I think we're going to see "it's complicated". I just need to be ready to close my eyes when they show Alec Baldwin's butt! =)

  2. It was an ok film...very contemporary. It was just too "programmed", though. It was a "crowd-pleaser" type of movie, designed to make you believe that even if you make a fool out of yourself, "Mr. Perfect-for-you" is just going to show up and rescue you. Or if not, you'll have the guts to get out of a bad relationship anyway. I think it's the theme music, or the corny voice-over at the end that clinches it. :-p but hey, that's just me. (I didn't get to see a lot of his butt, who knows, that might have changed my opinion.:-p)



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