Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chicken Butt (and other mall snaps.)

Chicken butt, and carbonara...probably makes for an interesting meal combo. I don't know...

So...when you really need one, and can't find the right-sized coin, you just smash the glass with the case of emergencies? ;-)


And, my favorite..."Brain freeze" (but isn't that the last thing you want in a cold drink, though? :-p cute.)


  1. Yeah. That's not a usual food combo. I don't think it's gonna make you want to go to the bathroom but the cream sauce on the Carbonara prolly won't go well with the Chicken Butt. Hehe. Super UNIQUE!:)

  2. Haha, you are right, I don't think the first and last signs would attract my business!

    PS - 2 hours at the end of the say sounds much better! Thank you. =)

  3. @ Andrei: thanks! either super-observant ako, or wala lang talagang ibang magawa sa buhay. hehe!

    @r u s s: I know, eh? I wonder where they came up with that. Carbonara and chicken...butt.

    @RicAdeMus: Nope, I'm afraid not..."brain freeze" just seems to "sound cool/catchy". Not a big drawer for me too. haha



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