Sunday, January 3, 2010

I like...

I like: didgeridoo music, Bob Marley remixes, perfect grammar, Booksale, quirky, simple movies like Juno (which I watched tonight), Fountain pens, and funny people, vanilla macaroon-flavored ice cream and thoughtfulness.

I don't like: being nagged, not being able to say no when I think it'll hurt the other people's feelings, being taken for granted, and being misunderstood.

I want you to know: that this year is going to be one of adventure and learning, and that I'll try to make wiser choices now.

I've planned: to read Lord of the Rings (all three books), not think too much, to avoid being like Gigi on He's just not into you, be more considerate with other people, play tennis on a more regular basis, join the Emergency Medical Team, deliver all the babies that come on my tour of duty, and sleep more on off days. Also, go to Boracay, HongKong and CDO for the rafting fun my co-PGI's told me about, all before September. :-)

I want to say to someone special: that I think I may have had my heart broken unintentionally and incompletely...which pretty much stings all the same, anyway.:-s


I found this pretty interesting game on Russ's blog. The Toothfairy thought it's cute, and well, it helps you remember things to write about. Even if they were as random as mine above. :-p

(I had a dream about a tooth fairy once. Up until now, I didn't see any reference to it. This was a funny re-encounter, but I'm not reading anything into this "sign" anymore. It's time to move on. :-p)


  1. yay for didgeridoo music. very ermm aussie? =)

    good luck with LOTR. It took me 2 months to finish all three books. But it is a good read though.

  2. Bob Marley is ♥.
    Lemme know if you finish reading all 3 LOTR books. I never got to start any of it. None of my friends finished the book. They'd end up sleeping after 2 or 3 pages with a lot of difficult reading in the language of the elves. Hahaa!

  3. @engel: yep, didgeridoo is aussie. a cousin of mine gave me a cd before, and i've always liked that "otherwordly sound" of it. :-) Yes, I want to read JRR Tolkien finally. it's a must do...and i'm so curious. And that should keep me occupied for a few weeks or so.

    @r u s s: yep, will do. i'll tell you the starting time and finish time, just for the heck of it. :-p

  4. happy new year.. and happy helping.. i did read those LOTR books long long long ago.. and now, im glad im done with reading . cause i just dont have enough brain cells left to do anything that involves reading or understanding anymore.. all the best.. may you not faint on delivery duty when many are happening all at the same time. :)



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