Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Most Neat", and Manny Pacquiao's recent win

My father’s “favorite” award is “Most Neat”.

It cracks him (the storyteller), and us (his listeners) up, whenever he jokes about how someone he knew got (and deserved) this award, for lack of anything else.

Now, up until yesterday, before I saw this…well, this “buffet”(or plethora, or cornucopia, haha) of award ribbons on the counter of one department store here, I had to laugh. There IS such an award, after all…

My father likes to poke fun at how, schools come up with the funniest little awards and labels for elementary school kids…especially in some public schools (if not all.)

The idea positively tickled… I figured that since it was March (graduation month here in the Philippines), stores would be selling all these ribbons again. They cost Php 3.50 apiece, which is pretty cheap for something so “coveted”. Students fight tooth and nail academically (or not really) just to get to go up on stage to have their proud parents pin these on them… It is a source of pride, even if you were only, “Most Neat and Clean”.

Everyone loves a winner. ;-)

They range from the simplest…

because you need props too for finishing, right? ;-)

To some awards that allow some benefit of the doubt. ;-) How does one gauge trustworthiness in a academic setting? Least cheating "citations?" Or was it probably because the most common recipients are the class treasurers?

Looking through the ribbons, I couldn’t help but think that I MAY want to give some of these out…

Ok, here’s a few…

This is a good one to ask for of a guy I’m going to be into. He should have a maths award. ‘Cause that would be like, hot. :-p But if he fills the other “criteria”, like…the list I mentioned in earlier blog entries, and has pink gums, then…hmm, I’d say, chuck it out the window. It wouldn’t matter.haha

I’d rather he’d have this "Most Loyal" award in his “collection”, though. Also known as the “Blinders Award”, this would be very very useful to ask for in a guy you’re dating. Personally, I’d like a guy who can make himself emotionally (and physically) unavailable (in "that" way) to any other female if he’s into me…it should be me and only me (because I’d grant him the same attention too.:-p). Blinders, because I’m referring to how horses that drive carriages have this thing on their heads which cover the sides of their heads so they’ll only focus on the road ahead. So they never go astray, and the driver never has any trouble controlling the ride. ;-)

Oh, I’d probably never get this one. I racked up points for being late passing paperwork in the last year of medical school, I even won an award for it, my life…and for any event, I’m almost always “just in the nick of time”. 

I'm aware of this bad habit, yes and I know it’s bad…but the adrenaline rush of beating a deadline is quite an addiction for me.

Anyway, looking through the piles, I only saw one that really interested me…it was amusing. 

How do the teachers decide who is “Best Reader”, then? By the number of times they made the librarian's bulletin board for "Bookworm of the Month"? The quantity of books they’ve read? Or if they can read the loudest? Or if they have the best diction when reading aloud? Haha… who knows?

Hmm…well, I’m a doctor, so, Best Reader…of People? Oh, I hope, I hope so…:-)


Oohh...and props to Manny Pacquiao for winning! He was amazing! Clottey wasn't, though. Geez, it seemed like the whole time, he was just doing the turtle...keeping his hands to his face to shield from the blows. His coach even went, "Hey man, if you don't take chances, you're going home a loser..." A few million dollars richer, of course, but hey, a cowardly loser.

Oh, I love watching Manny's become a family thing over the years. Pop and I watch it with uncle dick whenever there's a match, and for this time, I treated pops to the showing at the Robinsons'.  First it was just the three of us, then suddenly more joined in (Greggy, Kuya Wing, Manang Ja)...even Tita Clarie, my cool cool auntie, who just got in from Toronto. We piled in the car and headed out to the mall. We had a blast.:-)

To be perfectly honest, I felt a bit apprehensive during the opening round, and feared that Manny might lose to Clottey...(I always feel this way every time during round 1, you know, with sweaty palms-effect and all, too. :-D I needn't have feared, though. Manny had "too much talent, and too much speed" to be brought down. Ha! Take that! :-D

Go Manny!

pic from here.

Clottey landed a few good punches on Manny, I have to give him that...but he was just too, I don't know, scared to take a chance?

Oh well.

Manny won. Chalk one up for the Filipino! :-)

Goodnight! (Got work tomorrow...)

love, love, love, 

~ Sonia

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  1. You watch boxing??? That's so cool! Manny is so dedicated. FIrst rounds can be really dangerous--especially if the champ is overconfident. But Manny still prepares as if he needs to prove himself. I think the truly great athletes all have that in common.

    You should invent some new awards. It could really be fun!

    Thank you for the wonderful comment. =)



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