Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pop quiz

From Drop Box

Pop quiz: Since last post, I have...

a.) gotten pregnant and delivered twins
b.) adopted a pair of twins, just 'cause
c.) decided I wanted to propagate
d. delivered my first pair of twins, without a hitch. :-)

(yes, of course it's D.)

:-) Now, before anything else, I'd like you to know that I had asked the mother's permission before posing with the little buggers. :-)

Anyway, it was a surprise delivery (i.e. she just came from out of nowhere), and there were many factors involved that I'm not at liberty to tell, but I'm just posting this picture to remember my first twin delivery, and to remind me to stress how important reproductive health and being aware of our rights and responsibilities as child-bearing women is to my patients.

I love delivering babies, no doubt about that, but at the back of my head, there is always this fear of the unknown, a realization that something could always go wrong, which is why I breathe a little prayer before starting for everything to go well. So far, I have been very deliveries have gone off without a hitch.

(Somebody loves us up there.:-))


  1. Congratulations Sonia!!! Terrific job, all 3 of you look great!

  2. GoD's hands work with yours :)
    You are a blessing dear, keep it up.
    ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  3. hehe.. you loved it soo much you had tweeted it :D.. haha.. you are in love with twins. :).. you are a baby-kido doc.. :D

  4. Yes, i loved them, i wanted to squeeze the sugar-buggers to bits.hehe, but I didn't do that, of course. :-) I love my job, really. :-)



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