Monday, April 19, 2010

The funny Friday...

"Sprewell" came in to get checked up and visit me a few days ago at the hospital. He's so big now! Before, i used to think it was no sweat to carry him I don' feel the same way.


He's gotten heavier and naughtier...and way funnier! :-) I'm looking forward to his checkups again.

~ S.


  1. Wow, he is so lovely! No wonder being treated with such a charming young doctor!

  2. hehe.. you are really more of a baby doc. do add me on FB if you are there on it

  3. @Thanh Thao: he's cuter "in action", when he's having everybody chase him.haha

    @Nitin: yup, will do.

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  5. nothing like a kids smile to make your day ;)

  6. nice new pic doc .. the bigger kids would love it :P

  7. Sonia, any body ever told you that you're a dead ringer for an extremely talented character actress? google mo pic nung asawa ni Nonie Buencamino. Shamaine ang first name.



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