Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog Awards :-)

A couple of days ago, a good blogger friend, Rick, (who is the epitome of good vibes and positivity) tagged me with these awards. :-) Yey! I love these! Thanks! :-)

(Or if I said that to you in person, I would go, "Wow, Thanks! Super!")


Anyway, this is a good only requires that I share ten random facts about me. Something which does not require much thought, as it is 2:30AM, and this is not a good time for "heavy thinking", nor "over"-sharing, to use the phrase.. :-)

And so, here you go, ten random things about moi (with occasional pictures).

1. This morning at church, I met my cousin Ria's son, Riley, who was still in his mom's tummy when I last saw him. That's him, sticking his tongue out, the other little boy in orange is Nate, my cousin. I owe my godchild a present four years running now. lol. uh-oh...
He's a cutie,and very affectionate. A really happy kid.

2. My ma is a really good shopping partner. Aside from paying for things (most of the time), she has great taste. And though we are very different (polar opposites, i might add), I find myself borrowing clothes/shoes from her on certain occasions.haha.

3. I'm positively ecstatic about going to Boracay this weekend.  :-) It is fun in the sun with my friends from the hospital...and I want to go parasailing. Pronto. :-)

4. I'm attending my friend Loreen's graduation from Medical School on Thursday. I told her I was going to Iloilo before going to Boracay on the same day and then she said, "But the 22nd is my have to come, you're like my sister!" :-p This I have to say, she didn't have to twist my arm, 'cause it didn't take a lot to convince me to go, 'cause I loved these events, and I love dressing up anyway. haha.

5. Another important parental lesson would be, "You'll always get to do what you want and need when you're  good and ready."

6. One of my pet peeves is unsolicited hair advice. Every time I go to a beauty parlor, I'd get, "So, would you like to have your hair rebonded?" or, "You would really look pretty if your hair got rebonded..." AND, here's my personal favorite..." Are you fine with how your curling has damaged your hair? Let's get it rebonded."

And then I look around at the other ladies waiting, or having their toes done, and see that they all have straight(-ened) hair, including the shampoo lady whose chemically-straightened hair has seen better days, and I'm like, "Uhh, no thanks, I think I'll pass. Oh, and that straight-across trim across the back that they do that comes with it? ugh...not for me..  Nothing personal or anything, no offense meant to those who already had their hair rebonded/straightened, or etc.,because the look is sleek and sophisticated, but I just don't appreciate being asked to look just like everybody else. Democracy should include free choice of 'do.

(haha. anyway....)

7. One of my favorite cousins, Lalabelle, will be turning 29 on the 22nd. Happy Birthday, Earth Day baby!

8. I love reading/studying on the bus, with 'phones in my ears. The music acts like white noise and helps me think more clearly and absorb faster than if I were in an empty, silent room.

9. I don't like Pain. I have a high pain threshold, but if I can pop a pill for it, then why should I not? haha...there's no such thing as "dependence", for me. Pain meds, in their appropriate timing and dosing were made to make our lives easier, anyway...

10. The next time I start to feel "giddy" again, I'll remind myself to take my head out of the clouds and see if I wasn't just falling for the "smoke and mirrors" of it. Real, honest-to-goodness love entails so much more (from both ends). And no, I'm not bitter. That's just fact. And I learned. So...

I haven't found it yet, but I'm pretty sure, it'll be like go around and around the shops looking for something, and when you see it, BAM, you just know.

(Or was that an immature suggestion again? haha)

Anyhoo, that was's 3AM, and I have tons of "official" stuff to do in the morning, so I guess I'll check you guys out later.

I'd love to pass this award on to C. (the city boy-recent traveler), Ant the musician, Rudeboy, Chamie, my friend, Russ, Nitin, Ruthie, Sherry, Lalabelle, Doc Shing, Gaya, Brian, Doc Ness,Yakee and Auntie K (if she can take the time off to write an entry.haha).

* hugs *

Have a good week ahead!

~ S.

p.s. the health care post'll come later, doc.


  1. Hey Sonia!!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! I finally found your blog to follow you back! It wasn't on your profile when I clicked on it! Since you were the second to enter you will get a handmade present from me, and you have the chance to win the giveaway!

    Many greetings! I will follow your blog frequently from now on! :-))

  2. Oohh, I love nice surprises. thanks! :-)

  3. I agree with number 6! Nothing against girls with rebonded hair, but I feel that if I do it once, I would have to do it forever or else my hair would look really damaged. I wouldn't want to have straight hair forever. :D

  4. I'm glad you didn't let them ruin your hair. #5 is difficult to accept sometimes. But it is amazing sometimes when we look back and realize how things worked out better than the way we wanted them to. =)

  5. haha.. thats quite a list. its like your life is made up of mom, family, the hospital, shopping, family and more shopping :D. its sunny out there and im loving the view. congrats on the award :)



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