Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Piece of Me (For April)

I Like:
 > Spontaneous, surprise adventures, like the one my best friend Ivy called me up for yesterday afternoon...

IVY and the Sulfur pools. (She's a geologist, and she did a pretty good job of explaining how these sulfur pools came to be.)

That's my best friend and her sister, and her sister's friends (all new med school graduates), doing a jump shot at the Pulang Bato, Valencia sulfur site. :-p

Twin Falls, Valencia, Oriental Negros. Iron oxide leaches onto the rocks , coloring them red. It looks pretty fab. :-)

See what I mean, when I say red rocks? It's not slippery even, like algae. It's just a coating, a dusting of red on the rocks.

Dinner with Ivy's family. :-)

> My easter sunday outing in Lake Balanan (in Siaton, Oriental Negros)  today!

The  Balanan Girl. haha. :-p Anyway, Balanan is a mountain lake  about an hour (felt like more) away from Dumaguete City. It was a spur of the moment trip out there that my cousin Greggy suggested for Easter Sunday.

Kayaking. April 4,2010. Balanan has many water stuff to do...we went kayaking too, my cousins and I (including Tita Joy) at about 12noon (immediately after we got there.) I'm not much of a "rower" and my nephew CioCio complained that I'd only paddle in short bursts daw. :-p I feel sore now, admittedly.)

Lake Balanan and tourists. :-p that's me and my cousin Smongkie (not her real name, but what I like to call her anyway, and Tita Joy (but I don't call her that, I call her Jocie Baby).

Ciocio and Smongkie at the Lead. The kayaks usually fit only two people, but since I was in a "Tri-Yak", i sat in the middle and didn't have to paddle, which was why I was able to take pictures while we were in the middle of the lake (it was a big risk, actually, one false move and it'd have been byebye to my beloved Canon forever...but luckily, that wasn't the case.:-)) My called me a dead weight, by the way, 'cause I didn't paddle. lol

Lake Balanan, Siaton, Oriental Negros. April 2010. Its nice and serene, really. You should come visit. :-p

> also, I like studying/reading my medical books. 
> Rocky road ice cream.
> Parker pens.
> Wearing dresses.
> Delivering babies. 
> Having to say no.
> Thinking about someone.
> Hanging out with my cousins.
> That i was almost in a bad car accident yesterday, but was lucky enough that it didn't happen.

Wheel-less wonder. April 3,2010. This is a perfectly normal van, with no wheel seen. :-p Well, yesterday afternoon, instead of taking the bus, I decided to just rough it and ride on of those "V-hire" vans. (They're small, and get cramped because operators tend to stuff it with as many people it can accommodate.) So anyway, we were about 40 minutes into the trip, and I was starting to doze off, when suddenly, we all hear a sound, and the van starts getting into a weird angle. And then there is this burnt crude oil-ish smell...and then the driver stops us and shakes his head.

Renegade. Now, if that looks like the renegade wheel, then it probably is. :-p The wheel had popped out of the...thing. (I don't know what it's called, ok! :-p) and ended up like this...

Yes, it ended up that far away... (I actually had to cross to the other side of the road to take this.) Anyway, it was very lucky that the driver wasn't going fast (they usually drive really fast) 'cause if he were, i think I would have been telling you about my sixth unfortunate accident in a moving vehicle, if i had lived to tell the tale. But that's really exaggerating. (As my uncle keeps saying, "If it's your time, then it's YOUR time...") :-)

Well, for the driver, it's another thing to pay for. My heart goes out to the man. 

Thanks Mister, whoever you are. :-)


> feeling as if I have to please everybody.
> Mothers who don't care to have prenatal check-ups.
> eating liver dishes. 
> fried eggs or oily food that I usually get served for breakfast when I'm on duty.
> not being as physically strong (or limber, haha) as I was when I was younger. 
> Being told by the hairdresser that I'll look "beautiful" if I get my hair rebonded (like everyone else? No thanks. I like curly hair fine.)


> that the best way to forget is to stay away.
> that in infertility testing, both husband and wife have to be tested.
> that I need to know how to lose 5 lbs in two weeks.
> that I don't want to be taken for granted.
> that depression is very very common in the geriatric population.
> that I miss Psych lectures, and if it were only an hour away (or 3), I'd go check it out.
> I've started studying for a big test.
> And that I love what I do. :-)


> to be in Boracay on April 22! Iloilo/Boracay, here I come! :-) :-) < I'm going with the DOLE nurses from the hospital. :-)

> Congratulations to "my little sister" Loreen, Weng, Loti and Ding, and Ann (Annex Blue!) for graduating. I hope 4 years of med school wasn't tough on your knees. haha :-)
> Thanks Vivz!
> Thanks Tita Clarie!
> Happy Birthday Farah-noid! :-)


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Ok, good night!


~ S.


  1. I like your "likes"! I'm glad you were not hurt when that wheel broke loose. I've never seen anything like that.

    I've tried, but I've never found any liver dish I like.

  2. PS - What is written on your shirt besides "Baby"??? =)

  3. uy nice! you should try lake pandin in san pablo, laguna (if you haven't been there yet). really beautiful and peaceful. and you can swim in it also!

  4. @ Rick: Thanks, it was a lucky break for accident-prone little me. It says "Baby Dog"...but I thought it said Baby Doc at first, that's why I bought it. lol...

    @Koryn: hey thanks, i might one time. :-) And by the way, swimming wasn't allowed in this lake...only the locals were allowed. When we went home, we saw little kids bringing along sacks of clams...apparently they had gone done and gotten them. scary.

  5. I will definitely go there, super nice!
    Hey, Iron Oxide is rust diba? Correct me if I'm wrong. My memory might be failing me. Are those sulfur pools anywhere near a volcano? It must be fun to be a geologist, astig! ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  6. Wooooohoooo! I'm excited to read your Boracay post. Have fun, doc!



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