Thursday, May 13, 2010

The art of letting go


- of Gibo Teodoro and the presidency
- of disappointments
- of rejection
- of the memory DOA patient this afternoon
- of the red fountain pen I saw at the store
- of fear.
- of bitterness.
- of the purple dress
- of the stainless steel watch that I misplaced [forever] after taking it off to scrub for a delivery (although I haven't entirely decided on this yet.)
- of the annoyance of Joseph Estrada being consistently 2nd place in the Presidential race
- of complacency and inactivity.
- of insecurities
- of flighty endeavors and impulsivity
- of certain good memories.

and, most painfully, 

- of the carefully-edited blog entry I had written in, which I lost [forever] after pressing a key accidentally. (Serves me right.)




  1. sayang ang mistakenly-deleted entry. it happens to everybody. :D

    btw, why let go of certain good memories?

  2. Letting go is healthy. But impulsivity can be good at times...and purple is a great color for a dress!


  3. @Rick: Being impulsive can be good, but it can also have those "cringe moments" when you think about things in retrospect.

    @C: I didn't mean to sound so anticlimactic in this entry, but i did feel bad about losing that one entry after spending so much time on it...then tried to temper it by writing all the other stuff I wanted to/had to let go of. Stress relief? :-p

  4. Letting go is difficult, for me as also. But it belongs to life, so everyone has to let go of something in sometime, right?



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