Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boracay is luv.

I like:  That I finally got to go to Boracay last week. :-) It was a vacation that was planned out, but ended up differently and with a whole lot more surprises. You are forewarned...there are lots and lots of pictures in this post, and it's not even done. :-)  Still with me?

Boracay pier. April 23rd, 2010

I <3 Boracay. cross my heart. for everything that it was, and it stood for. :-)

Bora wharf. April 23, 2010.

The moon was up...inspite of the fact that it was around 3pm. It was a pretty sight, though. 

Discovery Shores, April 23, 2010.

Thanks to my cousin Gerard (and his lovely family, as well as extended family), I got to be part of a wedding in Discovery Shores, a really nice resort in Bora. I actually didn't know anyone there, and later that night, when they did the money dance, I danced with the groom, and I was like, "Dude, you don't know me, but you have a really nice wedding and all...thanks for letting me be here.". The guy was cool, he just laughed, and said, "that's fine, that's fine...". :-)

The Bride, Mum and Sister. April 23, 2010.

The bride's name was Joanne, and she was the friend of my cousin Gerard's sister-in-law. I loved her wedding. :-) (Marry me on the beach, somebody!)

(* somebody = The One. haha)

With the Basas and the Opulencias. Discover Shores, Boracay. April 23, 2010.

I belonged. and was very lucky. :-p

The beautiful, beautiful powdery Bora Sand.

A friend of mine told me while I was in Bora, "Above all else, you should enjoy the sand and the water..." I did. The sand in between my toes was a joy. :-)

My first Boracay Sunset. April 23, 2010.

I took this using my SX 100, ever trusty, ever present. I love sunsets. and Sunrises too, but in Bora, the sunrise is on the other side of the island...and I couldn't get up early enough for that. LOL.

Firedancer. Boracay, April 23,2010.

During the wedding program, the host introduced these amazing firedancers. There were two of them, but even then, watching just one dancer (with the strong drumbeats) was awe-inspiring. I've always been enthralled by must be the excitement of it all. :-) For most of the night, I was probably going around with a big stupid grin on my face. :-)

Across Borders. 

Sharra, Gerard's sister-in-law, and totally cool girl told me that the dude was Indian, and the girl was Pakistani... and I was like, so?, totally agreeing with her. Love knows no bounds, especially at weddings. They were really nice too. :-)

[Little] Dancing King. 

Oh, I absolutely adored my little nephew Rhys (Rhysie to everyone)! He was such a cute little dancing dynamo and didn't stop until the party folded up. :-p

walking on the sand is a favorite pastime. :-p Thats Ged, Kai and Sharra.

Sharra and I ended up walking into the ETC party at Hey Jude!, and we partied with these people, had the camera on us, etc. I ran into Aljune and friends from Med school, there too. :-) Also, OSang S., right outside. 

Early Morning Walk. April 24, 2010.

I love walking...and I love early morning. So, since nobody wanted to go out and walk with me (we got in around 2AM the night before), not even Sharra or Noel, I ended up going around by myself. :-) I wasn't the only 6AM, a lot of people are already up and about, either swimming, or enjoying the sights. 

Running seems to be a favorite pastime...even in Boracay. Barefoot, fully-geared, runs and running are the norm. :-)

Paraws are a dime a dozen here, but they make for interesting wave-riding. They're great for sunset trips out to sea...with a "significant other", as the boatman advertised. Ahemm.... but of course, sir. :-p

Sandcastle builders. April 24, 2010.

Every few meters, it seems, there's a sandcastle, with the name 'Boracay" and the date on it. It's an interesting revenue, and the locals build and rebuild everyday. They put out a can or a similar receptacle and invite people to have their pictures taken with these works of art, for a fee. Which many people (myself included), gladly do pay. :-p Suckers for a cause? I think not. :-)

Bathing beauties. April 24, 2010.

Nobody cares how you dress, really. As long as you're having fun, it's all good to go. :-) I walked around in shorts and a bikini top, 'cause it felt too funny to be all "covered" up. No bikini bod, but hey, who careS? :-)

Mandarin Spa. 

No, we didn't stay here, of course. We stayed at a cheaper place, my six groupmates and I. Was fun all the same. It was just a bit of a walk from the house to the beach. :-p

People-watching. April 24, 2010.

Really, you could just be sitting in the sand, and you'd still have a good time. lol. That's us, people-watching.

Braiding session. April 24, 2010.

Getting braids done is one Bora thing you see around. Every few meters, you'd have someone asking you if you wanted to get your hair done. (i caved and got mine done.) :-)

Still braiding. :-)

Dragon-boating people. April 24, 2010.

Apart from the Nestea-sponsored events, there was an international Dragon-boat race that weekend we were there. 

...with their colorful banners and sponsors, and totally sporty outlooks. Loved the free spirit. :-)

I'd never think to pair up my fresh lumpia with a Rahmschnitzel..with a spatzle. would you? :-p And with ice cream to boot! :-)

Somebody's skim board. :-) Funnily enough, I've never seen anyone do a skim board trick on the beach.

The mall of Malls. :-p 

which necessitates frequent visits to these ATM's... LOL

Henna tattoo artists abound... but i didn't get any done. I wanted those bright, glittery glitter tats.  Didn't find one.

Kai had hers done the day before I came. They were really into that. lol...

I bumped into Karol Mark (one of my classmates) there, including his twin brother Raymond. Small world. Although that isn't unlikely to meet them. They're regulars, pretty much. as well as volleyball fanatics. :-)

Out to snorkel. Or, as Dunvar would call it, "We're going to snork." haha (JK!)

How to grin like an idiot. 'cause you're really happy. Part I. - Me.

We should've brought bread makes the fishies come in droves, er, schools. :-)

Earlier in the afternoon, we scored some free Nivea spray sunscreen, which Dunvar used (religiously) every two hours, as the bottle instructed. lol. Endorser, much?

Paraws. Paint my beach colorful, baby. :-D

Nestea Fit Camp events all over Bora were the highlights of the weekend.

My second Bora sunset. And one of my favorite Sandcastles.

Walking around that afternoon, i got called by someone I knew from Med School. It turns out, she was taking a break and was chilling out at the bamboo bar near the beach. 

Ooh, and she (Teeks), had the niftiest camera....a  Panasonic Lumix GF1. :-p

Took this photo of a classy store in one of the swankier sections of Bora. Pretty nice stuff... there really are a lot of things to see and do in Bora, at all times of the day. I was just walking around all by myself (the others were getting ready to go out), texting, and eating ice cream. Ahh, bliss!

Bora beach stuff to-do list. (I didn't get to do all.)

This was the one I really wanted to do, but didn't get to, 'cause it was overbooked and no one wanted to do it with me. Anyway, as I was telling a friend...Parasailing is like sex, you want to do it with the right person, and if you did it alone, then it wouldn't be as exciting.

Hypothetically-speaking. haha

My Bora Mates, who always were super fun. :-) (Thanks guys!)

Shakes at Jonah's, upon C.'s Suggestion. :-)

..And yes, D., i DID "toss". even though these drinks were rated GP lang. :-)

At the Nestea fit party. :-) One of the guys on stage saw me dancing with my friends, and motioned for me to approach the stage. and before I knew it, i was up onstage dancing. lol.

I can't say which I liked better, dancing OR being onstage. lol. either way, it was super fun. and no drinks...just a Tropical fruit shake. haha.

Seriously, at parties like these, it's more fun up on stage. :-p so there. (This was my view.)

Bed Time. almost 3AM. :-) We turned in after listening to a guy perform "Stitches and Burns" near where we lived. It was very nice.

Good night everyone.

(For real.)





  1. doc, i enjoyed your photos particularly the one with the firedancer and of course the sunset.

    btw, why no paparazzi shots? haha.

  2. i wasn't looking for anybody to shoot, C. wrapped up in my own vacation, as usual. But i DID see Borgy Manotoc, you know i had a thing for him, right? :-) it was fun.

  3. Sonia! You look amazing in these pictures. You always look pretty, but you seem to be glowing here. I guess that proves how happy you were during the trip. And the scenary is amazing too. Thank you for sharing the pictures. =)

  4. Wow, image heavy post! But I loved the pictures!
    It must have been like paradise, I have never seen such a blue sky and such blue and clear water before!

  5. i cant believe we were on Boracay at the same weekend...hehehe...but then, there were so many people that discovery mo nagstay doc? mao pod diay kay layo ra ta kay tua ra mi sa boracay tropics...i enjoyed watching the beach volley...kita ko derek ramsey..haha!

  6. Lovely photos, especially this fire dancing, they so professional..

    Tanya Gemarin



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