Monday, May 31, 2010

Tonton and Doug's wedding.

I was at Toni and Doug's wedding last Saturday. Toni's a high school classmate and friend...
and we live in the same town. Doug's her boyfriend of 8 years...
and after that time, they finally decided to tie the knot.

With almost 15 pairs of principal sponsors looking on while they filled up the marriage 
paperwork during the ceremony, I'd say they wouldn't be lacking for 
"marital advice and guidance". :-p This is a lot, but then again, her family is pretty 
prominent in our place, with her dad being a judge and all. :-) 

She picked a red motif for her entourage. It is a striking color in photographs, 
my auntie used to say a lot.
The "Countdown" kiss (10 seconds...piece of cake. :-p)
The reception was at the Bravo Golf Club, an outdoor party which
was initially mucked up by rain...which stopped in 10 minutes.

The train is really pretty. lol. It's a shame trains had to be dragged
on the ground like that. What are trains for anyway, right? :-)

Toni and Doug cutting the rose-laden, tiered cake (with crystals),
a "wedding tradition", according to the host.

Funnily enough (coincidentally? :-)), I was seated at this table with my friends.
In Greek mythology, while being sent on a job to shoot Psyche (to make her fall in
love with the first simpleton she sees, ouch) Eros/Cupid scratched
himself with one of his arrows...and the rest is history. :-p)
(He should've been more careful, arrow-scratch is just depends on how you deal with things. :-).)

The newlyweds perform a dance number with some of the entourage
 (I think the girls started this tradition at Daryl's wedding.)

This was their "modified" bouquet toss game for the single ladies. It involved a bit of athleticism,
as the mechanics of the game was that to be considered "Out"of the running
for the bouquet/next-in-line concept, the girls had to scramble for who gets to sit on the guy's lap first.
Well, the girls are supposed to go around the guy in a circle, and
when the music stops, try to beat the others into
sitting on the guy's lap first.
The last one who doesn't get to sit becomes the equivalent
of the "bouquet catcher", who has to sit while the dude in the
chair puts the garter up her leg.

I sat on the guy's lap after 4 tries. Piece of cake. So no, no bouquet for me that night. :-p

Needless to say, he was pummeled by all the other women who wanted to sit on his lap.


I was into the flower thing that night.

These paper lanterns (but they had another name for it) were
distributed among the guests, and I got to have one to send up.
You were supposed to make a wish when you send these up,
for good luck for the married couple (and of course, for yourself too).
You were supposed to light the bottom where there's a coil of
long-burning paper underneath, which provided the hot air
that propelled these balloons upward...
They had assistants around who helped, I think this dude
was one of them, and everyone got to release their balloons
without a hitch, although, i personally thing that it would have
been nicer if it had all been done at the same time.

These are the lanterns...the whole lot of them aloft makes for a pretty sight. :-)

Myself with some of my classmates from highschool.... one of them
being Randy Tolin, who I haven't seen since college!
His girlfriend was Tonton's Maid of Honor...
talk about it being a small world.

Ooh, and one last pic. This was from the WACKY POSE  photobooth
that Tonton and Doug rented for the night. Always a fun thing. :-)

Good night.

~ S. :-)


  1. I wish your friends all the best. They had a lovely wedding...and a lovely "doctor in the house". Your hair looks especially nice with the flower. =)

  2. I've always wondered about those lanterns. They are made of paper right? can they catch fire while airborne? will they start a fire when they accidentally make a touchdown on the roof of some poor family's nipa hut?

  3. weddings are love :) makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

  4. weddings are love :) makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

  5. @Rick: Thanks, that's very nice of you. Yep, they had a nice wedding, and everyone had fun partying. I think that's the important thing, 'cause weddings are supposed to be a celebration...if one can afford it. :-)

  6. @ Doc TK: Yep, they're made of paper, and i think they just drop down when the flammable core runs out of "juice", no hot air, no flight. And i hope no burnt nipa roofs. :-)

  7. @Koryn: yup, i like weddings too. :-) You plan weddings, right? No wait, Conceptualize, i mean? :-)

  8. Hey Koryn, I wonder what JJ would say about weddings... hahahaha!

  9. gosh.. it was like a celebrity wedding . :).. haha.. loved that photobooth things especially. it was like you were at an award function :).. haha. that white flower on you head was nice :)..

  10. You looked stunning that night atep. I mean you always look stunning! ;-) Thanks for the pics atep and thanks for taking time to celebrate with us. I hope you had fun as much as we did...hihihi



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