Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"You're next..."

The Bridal Bouquet, which plopped into my hands (which I thought, came with prize May 18, 2010. Photo by Me.

The tale of the garter. May 18, 2010. (Photo by: Sol Redula)

And so the saying goes, "The one who gets the bouquet is next to get married."

Kuya Reil, the groom, joked after the garter thing..."You're next."

And i just grinned and went, "Right. But it's going to be a loooong wait."



I don't know if people take bouquet games seriously anymore. I usually am in these "single games" for the fun and sport of it. Whenever I'm at wedding parties, i never hesitate in joining when they call in "the single ladies". It's all in fun anyway. This was the first time I got the bouquet, though, and it was a pretty bunch of white roses. I'm a sucka-foo for roses, so it was a nice surprise.

I honestly thought that Connie (the bride, who was my college friend) was giving away ten thousand pesos for the one who caught the bouquet, so when it plopped into my hands i gave a little, "Yess!!! It's in the bag!" Turns out, it was a fluke. lol. no prize money. darn it.

The host was like "We have a beautiful bride-to-be here..." (etc etc, as hosts are wont to do :-p), as I went up there to take my place beside Connie (who we called Baby Con before). As games go, I was supposed to stick out my leg and have my "single male counterpart" put the bride's garter up my leg. Funnily enough, it wasn't being in the spotlight that made me nervous (i love being in the spotlight.haha), it was actually how...I was supposed to sit. I didn't know how.

When the dude got the garter up to my knee, he was like, "Is this ok?" I just laughed and went, "It's cool, dude, don't worry about it." and gave him a thumbs up (as you can see in this picture.) 

Anyway... it was a super fun wedding, and I got to see my old college friends, which was really nice. I rarely see them...maybe once in 7 years? 4 maybe? that rare. So it was good. And what was nice about it was that it was a wedding with just close friends and family, very intimate and cozy. :-)


What did I do with the flowers, you ask? well, after i took my pictures, ma stuck them in some put on the altar. Like she did with some of my other flowers. They were pretty, after all. :-)


  1. wow doc, ikaw na next! wishes :)

  2. doc, hanggang knee lang? hehe. now the waiting for that wedding invitation in the mail begins. :p

  3. I think all the bachelors were hoping you would catch the flowers and be next!

    When people call you "miss" at the hospital, it is probably because you look so young. Really a pretty undergrad student I hope it's not too frustrating for you in terms of getting respect.

  4. i didn't know people get to keep the bouquet once they caught it... hmmm.. interesting.

  5. I've never been to a wedding , so I didn't ever have the chance to catch the bouquet, hahaha! But it wouldn't be me to catch it, since I don't think about getting married at all :-))

    I really love the dress you're wearing, your're looking so pretty!! :-))

  6. You're next! We have to talk again! :-)

  7. PS - Whenever I read or hear "you're next", I always think of "you're next, bubbles" from Ghostbusters II.



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