Sunday, September 26, 2010

DB Ledesma, I love you.

DB is not a boy, but he used to be, before he moved on to doing great things, and he had a hospital and a street named after him.


We had an apartment in DB Ledesma St., in Iloilo, my friends and I. I stayed there for 3 years while in Medical School. They were good (and bad/frustrating/wacky/weird) times. We were a ragtag bunch of "foreigners" (because we weren't from Iloilo) who got thrown together to live in a house. It was a two-unit set-up. I lived with my roommate Karen, and in the next room were Nickel (mayor), Pao (business manager) and Muk (class president), and in the little room was Aui (who went on to Valedictorian, by the way, but graduated a year later than we did) and in the next house were Rupie (the half-indian "super"model (haha), Roxy, Loreen (who's like a kid sister), Aileen (valedictorian) and Pettie (soul sistah, Petula).

It was a hodge-podge of characters, it was never boring around the house. It was like a home away from home, in many ways. J My favorite memories were always tied to DB moments. They were oftentimes hilarious, many were serious, but most of it was just about growing up with people you were with. Growing up isn't always pretty…but hey, it was always fun.
  • We always had birthday parties…whenever one had a birthday, we'd get cake, and presents, and there'd be an eating party.
  • Pao had moods, and he was always organized…but he and Nickel would laugh at my jokes, and let me put my hands in their armpits when I'm cold. (they had BIG arms…and armpits).
  • Tita K made great salads…and she was the first one to get a desktop…and hook up DSL.
  • Auee and her movies…she'd be laughing along to whatever it was she was watching boisterously, but we'd gotten used to that anyway. :-p
  • Pettie and her cooking. And her fashion sense. And her bubuyog shades. ß she gets them off Ebay now. Lol.
  • Bermoy and his piche-piche. Yum.
  • Nickel and his sarcastic jokes.
  • Aui and her wisdom.
  • Rupie and Mike and their love affair. Oh, and rupie's fashion sense (and MAD sewing skills). I borrowed her jeans for a date once. Bad date. Great jeans. Lol.
  • Mukthar (my nickname for him) was class president, but he was an all-around interesting guy. He was well-read (I borrowed his books from the shelf) but he had a funny quirk when he got drunk. Pettie mentioned it again during the sleepover…"he had a low tolerance for alcohol. One time, his friend DD brought him home drunk and we had to give him a cold shower with his clothes on while he was rambling! Hay, DB moment talaga…"
  • One time, he came home having trouble breathing because of his asthma, and when they helped him up to the house, I went, "I already prepared your stuff." In my panic, I only prepared his bed, but didn't put his nebulizer together. (he could have died from the delay. Natch.) We had a laugh about it. Afterwards. So silly of me.
  • Manang and her Sarsiado…and lomi balls (my favorite)… and her nice hands.
  • Boy talk. With everybody. Lol. It was all so silly, really.
  • My pet santan. That died.
  • Pettie's fighting fish and goldfish, that also died. Lol.
  • One time they dressed me up for a date. Who showed up late to pick me up. Marked X immediately in their book.
  • My attempts at cooking. All were with egg…so everyone got gas afterwards.
  • My roses in the mail. Delivered. Given personally. ßmy favorite kind.
  • Dances.
  • Early morning bathing rituals.
  • Families coming over.
  • Boyfriends visiting (ehem, Tita K?).
  • Costume parties.
  • Hugs
  • Tears.
  • Studying for exams out on the balcony. but not really....'cause we always wind up talking.
  • Dancing to "Uptown Girl"...all of us, when the song played on the radio.
  • Jerry the cutie English-speaking guy from downstairs.
  • Floyd and his sax...i think he plays when he's studied too much. haha
  • Meetings.
  • "DB Boy", an orthopedics resident who lived on our street who we all had a crush on. lol.
  • House-warming parties. 
  • The July 27 rose that always stuck out from between the pages of the 16th edition Nelson's Pediatrics book.
  • Tony, the skull we put in the living room  bookshelf.
  • Tatay...and his pep talk in between smokes.
  • boxes and boxes of notes.
  • the living room bench that never got clear of clean laundry.
  • Pao's gourmet cooking.
  • Nickel's jokes.
  • the giant TV that never worked.
  • pettie and my failed "dragon" moments.
  • Astie the rabbit. 
  • Pettie's giant bear. that took up half her bed space.
  • Muk's cold shoulder. lol. 
  • not being able to walk for 3 days because of my spinal injury...with Manang hovering over me.
  • Pre- and Post-tennis games.
  • Movie/book/politics discussions at our room.
  • videos.
met at Goldilocks at the mall near my place to "convene" about the slumber party.
Watching the premiere of Glee Season 2!

Photo-ops are hard to pass-up. That's karen, me, then chaps in white, and then Sherry. (Photo by Pettie).

Old friends mean good times together.


  1. So how many boyfriends visited you at DB? ;)

  2. Lol. none that i'd be able to mention with a straight face. Boyfriends weren't my strong point, i suppose. Those "boyfriend" stories were not mine.

  3. Good friends with great memories and building new memories...that sounds wonderful.

  4. Is the lady in black and gray stripes, by any chance, from UP Diliman?



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