Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi. :-) 

 :-) Just some stuff I've been up to lately...(I've been catching up on hospital paperwork and I'v been busy. I still take snapshots every now and then, though, so, here are a few. (Every picture has a little story to it, the best I can do at the present circumstances. )

Happy 5th birthday Nate!

Saisaki buffet, and I could eat heaps of this stuff.  (the next time i'm in Manila.:-))

"Parmesan" on pasta. at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Nickel, Pettie and Bermoy who came to visit. Congrats Petula!! :-) <-- She made it to the PGH Pediatrics Residency Training program. 

They don't actually allow pets where I live. But this one got through. She's not mine, but she is one cute fluffy ball of fur.

Can you guess what this is? No? 

Well, it's the other end of the pencil...the eraser end.
 Fished it out of a 4 year-old kid's nostril. 
In kid terms, it was gigantic.
His Ma's bringing me fruit when I go back to the hospital.
(Doctors will never go hungry. :-p )

One time, when Ma and I passed by the Ukay-ukay stands on the way to Lola's, I saw this kid, fast asleep on the merchandise. 

And last, but definitely not the least...Moleskine notebooks that cost 1/3 the original price at the local department store. I almost peed in my pants (I love notebooks, and I've always wanted a Moleskine.)

 How come? Knock-offs, probably. I don't mind very much, they pretty much feel the same way, and i like the binding.

And...I'm pretty much going to have to keep bits of the "personal life" in these for now,and not on the blog.
(I recently got misconstrued and flamed. And misunderstood.) <--- somebody was paranoid-ish, and was gravely mistaken. (It turned out to be pretty amusing anyway.)

But still, to be on the safe side. I better to stick to Medical/Fun stuff. 
Strictly no "emo" from now on. 
Or maybe some other time. 

I shouldn't wear my heart on my blog...all the time, right?


  1. You look very happy holding the pup, I hope that's how you feel most of the time. But I'm sorry to hear about the misunderstanding--you should be able to write whatever you need to here.

  2. "I shouldn't wear my heart on my blog."

    you should doc. it makes your blog more personal.

  3. Ah, Sonia.

    There's a fine, fine line between sharing our thoughts and baring too much on a personal blog. While I'm not big on oversharing (some things are not meant for others to know, especially on a public blog), I'd miss your personal ruminations, your hopes and fears, your dreams and wishes if your blog turned...clinical.

    I agree with RicAdeMus and the "heart" part of what The Scud wrote. This is your blog, and you should be free to write whatever you wish to write about here. I agree it's a pain to have someone flame you just because they misunderstood you, but that happens IRL as well as online.

    But in the end, it is your little piece of the blogosphere, and you decide what we read or don't.

    I do wish you'd keep the heart in it, though ;-)

  4. i'm going back to the philippines next year for my wedding reception. it'll be the first time in 10 years that i've been back home so i don't really remember much but everyone keeps talking about the food... one of them being Saisaki!!! AHHH! I am so super excited!!! My father-in-law to be is already warning me i'm going to gain 20 to 30 lbs just from all the yummy food. hahaha! GREAT!

  5. Hey hey, where did you take that photo with R2D2?



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