Thursday, November 11, 2010

A walk down Maria Orosa

 Tonight, I received a message from the chief resident of the Psychiatry Department, saying that Dr. Baltazar V. Reyes (BVR) was admitted at the Makati Medical Center ICU for Acute Pancreatitis, and that prayers were requested, and the message had to be passed on.

Knowing that he was in a fragile enough state as he is, I am actually worried. In the short time that I've known him, I've likened him to a genteel teacher, warm and sage-like, almost like my grandfather. (I hope he'll be ok.)

I took these some weeks ago on one of our walks to and from BVR Hour...

"BVR Hour" is every held every Thursday, at 7AM, at Dr. Baltazar V. Reyes' clinic at MadDocs...

That's him, that kindly old guy sitting in the middle.

(As I was saying to my cousin Yakee, "He's a grandfather type who sounds like Lolo, and speaks like Sigmund Freud. Extra Nice!"

MadDocs has a fountain in front.
 (I like looking at fountains. They can be very entrancing. I remember this anecdote in the Reader's Digest that I read once about how one boy learned a thing or two from some guy (who turned out to be THE Albert Einstein), who said, that above all else, he should never lose his ability to "wonder", because that was going to make all the difference later... :-))

 Kids playing craps on the sidewalk curb. 
Up to now, I can't figure out why the little kid in the middle is squeezing his eyes shut. 
Praying to get lucky, eh?

Pink Pomelo Heaven.

These were sold at 60 pesos a kilo near the McDonald's we were on our way to. Shoot. I love these. The pre-packed ones at the mall just aren't the same...

Come-as-you-are breakfast, kiddie version.
If I were a kid, I'd have Ma order for me Hash Browns for breakfast everyday... :-) 

"Sarap Buhay"
The driver has a great sense of humor. Don't you agree? :-)

Good for Business?
You don't see many establishments with this name...but it's good, I'm all for the freedom of good journalism (Al-Jazeera). 

"Risk-Taking Behavior"
In life, Manila (and everywhere else, it seems), one really has to take risks. And that includes parking one's car in places like these. 


That's all from me folks. It's late and I've got work tomorrow. I just needed to get some anxiety off  getting news about BVR's confinement. It's like my lolo all over again. It seems corny, but transference is unavoidable. Anyway, just in case you were wondering what walking down Maria Orosa St., Ermita Manila, Philippines, was like, at 8AM, these pictures are for you. 

Thanks, you've been a great audience. :-)


  1. haha. I didnt know Orosa has this in daylight... prolly because I'd usually be dead-drunk during this time. LOL

  2. I've always liked the general Malate area - Ma. Orosa included - especially in the afternoons. It evokes bygone days when Manila was a genteel, gracious, and beautiful city. I find peace in its leafy trees and beauty in its faded Art Deco buildings.

    Glimpses of a time gone by. A time we never knew, unfortunately.

    Prayers for your BVR, Sonia. A kindly grandfather - like a grandfather-figure - is a terrible thing to lose.

  3. hi! i was just passing by, doing my blog hopping and happened upon yours.

    i miss Malate. spent 4 years of my life there, owing to the fact that i went to college at upmla. such a wonderful place.

    i am so sorry to hear about your consultant. when i read his name on your blog, i had this nagging feeling i knew him from somewhere. turns out, i was the one who read his initial ct scan. i do hope he gets well soon.



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