Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bus Surfing

"Let's make money…", Alex, one of the nurses at the hospital joked, as he filled up his DTR (Daily Time Record), which would be the basis for his month's wages. (In the government service, this little piece of paper, which is filled out in triplicate, will be submitted to the institution's financial officer and be used as a basis for how much you are going to get for the month. )
I made mine too, and I realized that this was the last I was ever going to fill up for my current hospital. It's a breeze to fill out for us doctors because we have set duty days, all we have to do is fill out 48 hour weeks, and then some some. My DTR for this month looked pretty funny. It seemed like I had spent half the month on vacation (well, sort of, I was in Manila for patient endorsements at my new hospital :)), and then in the the second half of the month, I was working my butt off, doing back-to-back duties. I have only two more duties to go (a 48-hour stint)…which starts tomorrow. Right now, I'm almost ending my shift, and so far, it's been relatively light as compared to the past few days.

I saw "Sprewell"  again today…it was a nice surprise. :) He came in for something relatively minor, but that was ok. It's always nice to see the little dude. He's always been one of my favorite patients after he stole my heart some months ago when he got admitted. :) he's in the "terrible two's" stage and his mum ( a relatively young, pretty young lady who might as well have been his older sister) said that he wasn't eating as much and would just keep running around, too active to eat. (For some reason, I thought that was so cute.)

Sprewell, December 27, 2010.
Anyway, I could see how active he was…always running around, and one time, he even clambered over the counter to check out my side of the wall. When he got bored of playing with my penlight, he went straight for my camera. When I showed him the picture I took of him, he seemed very pleased with himself. I recorded him "in action", but of course, I couldn't get him to sit still.


It was a nice surprise to see the little bugger, of course.


I still have like, 3 inches worth of hospital paperwork that I have to finish… but I still have 72 hours left to finish them anyway, so I'll get back to them again after this entry.

Of course.

(haha. No more doing things at the last minute-ish. Lol.)


There's this new workout regimen that I've discovered...something i'd like to call "Bus-Surfing". It's a good workout, i suppose, and how long it's going to take depends on whether someone is chivalrous enough to offer their seat to you won't have to stand the whole way...

The "Full House". December 23, 2010.
  These past few days, it seems that I'm at the hospital everyday...and I take the bus both ways. I've noticed that it's been on "Standing Room Only" status everytime... Most days I'd be all packed up (15 kilos, max, in my backpack) and then have to stand for like, maybe 2-3 towns before I get a seat...

Tire Change. December 23, 2010.

You'll never catch me snoozing. 

Both ways. Standing up. I should be thankful, i'm getting a good arm work-out (from hanging onto the bars for balance), back workout (from trying not to sway while carrying the heavy backpack (Jansport, you rock.), leg workout (from trying to stay upright in a moving bus, with added "weights"), flexibility (from squeezing into the little corners) and balance (from trying to go with the bus as it "careens" through the twists and turns. <-- Ok, I exaggerate, but then again, you get the idea, right?

It's one hell a workout. One can seriously lose weight with "bus surfing."


Just a few more  days until the big "psychodynamic leap", and here I am talking about Work and Bus Rides...when I should be reading on how to manage other peoples' mental well-being.

Tsk tsk... I seriously need to squeeze in a vacation from work.  Oh wait, I can... I DO have a day and a half after tomorrow's 48-hour stint to take a break... before going on duty at the "best" (and I say this with pride. ahem) training hospital in the Philippines. :-)


Heaven help me. ;-)

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  1. Sprewell is a charmer, I hope there's nothing serious keeping him from eating.

    I stand on my subway commute, but it's only 20 minutes and there are no sharp turns.

    Enjoy your 36 hours vacation before reporting for duty at the new hospital. =) You're going to be amazing there!



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