Sunday, January 30, 2011

Luneta Park

I was feeling sick on Friday, it was a pretty slow day for me.

Nothing serious, just a day that happens to most everyone at times...things don't seem to be going your way, and sometimes its an effort to get out of bed. (The fact that I had paperwork to catch up on, and an impossible assignment to report about, didn't help my condition at all.)

Well, to add to that, I missed the UST fireworks (I love fireworks..). My friend JC had told me about it, and he said that they were probably going to have fireworks again. Tito Father said that I should go, it was going to be fun in UST. It didn't push through, much to my chagrin.

Anyhoo...whenever I have these "down times", i usually just sleep it off, or sometimes talk it out with a close friend. For Friday night, my "radio host" was my cousin Christo. I have a phone on the Sun network i use for patients, which is also pretty convenient to use to call home, so we chatted on that. After a long time of catching up, and pep talk, here was the gist of the story, " You know, S., you're where you want to be, doing the job you want to do. This is not the time to let anything, or anyone get you down."

(heck, even a psychiatrist needs a little pep talk every now and then.)


Saturday morning was a beautiful day...the clouds were cirrus (which meant great weather later), and the air was crisp and cool. I didn't have work, so I decided it was time to see the city's sights, or one of them, at least. From my window, I could see nearby Luneta park, just some blocks away. It would be fun to take pictures. (Taking pictures of people always was a joy.)

I left my camera at the Hospital call room, so I decided to fetch it before setting out. My phone has the same megapixel power as my camera, but there's nothing quite like the feel of a Canon. (Especially Mine. *love*)

It was still pretty early in the day, but apparently not for other people. I saw a friend walk by that morning, obviously in a hurry. I figured he had a 7AM time in schedule, which was pretty much why he was walking in quick, long strides. I was just going to trail behind him, because I was in no hurry, but he called me over when he saw me. He chatted a bit, but didn't break the pace. He looked like he just hopped out of bed (that probably wasn't his own, judging from the size of his backpack, or the clothes he was wearing, :-S)  and dressed in a hurry for work. I was going to tease him about it, but then I realized that I shouldn't...I myself hadn't showered anyway, and besides, it was none of my business to.


Anyway, when I went to the park, I did a bit of sightseeing...quite like a regular tourist. the last time I'd been in Luneta was years ago, and I was a different, younger person then. :-)

It was a bit of a walk, just the perfect cardio exercise to perk me up. For some reason, the air was quite fresh, for manila. Instead of doing the quiet walking around, and being lost in thought, I was doing my favorite role...the tourist-type photographer, but for people. ;-)

Which makes me a photojournalist?


Blogger is not cooperating and letting me upload my pictures, so you'll have to check them out here. Captions provided, for your reading pleasure.


Saturday morning was a good learning experience. One of the mature defense mechanisms, as we all know is Sublimation, which involves us taking our anxieties and troubles from inside and taking them out, reworking their energy into something useful. I may not be able to do it all the time I get into a funk, but trust me, if you're in one, doing something constructive definitely helps. Heaps.

(photos here.)

Happy Sunday!

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