Sunday, February 20, 2011

Die just a little

I watched the Ballet, Band and Ballads concert at the Aliw Theater here in Manila last night with 2 of my co-residents, and Angelo, Kuya Dennis and "Inday".

We were there on freebie VIP tickets from the president of the World Association for Pyschosocial Rehabilitation, the main organizer of the event.

Lisa Macuja's Ballet Manila performed, and they were simply wonderful. The choreography was tight, the visuals were just amazing, and trust me, if you weren't moved with their performance, i'm going to assume you're not human.

The drama builds

Maybe it's just me, but the combo of lights, emotion, Josh Groban singing in the background, talent onstage and the audience member's (in my case, it would be mine) whole perspective on "Love Beyond Time" is enough to make you feel like a fluffy ball of fuzz (a.k.a. you start up as an observer, a regular member of the audience, but after a while, when you start to feel the message they have for you which they play out so beautifully can't help but be moved. I know I was.).

It was a flurry of activity.

Side A played.... 

This video is a song they performed at this concert, i liked the concept. (Dying a little everyday until you can get over something..?)

Curtain Call. 

With Pearl and Dreiza, who also went (And no, Ma, the dress is not as short as it looks. :-p)

All in all, a great show. The kind that made me lean forward, so I could put my crossed arms on the back seat in front of me so no one would see me discreetly wiping away a tear...because, like any other idealistic believer, I was moved.

Good morning. :-p



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