Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine ditty.


No, I didn't get flowers.


but i did have frozen mango margarita with The Queen and The Princess at Central. ;-)

It being February 14, and my friend Floyd inviting a bunch of us to his birthday party, I found myself wandering around the Mall of Asia (MOA) amid all the valentine revelers. (It seems, even on this day, Jollibee was a place to take your "special someone" too. lol...)

Lovers, in all shapes and sizes were there. Families, in all shapes and sizes were there too. 

An elderly couple even went with the red theme. ;-)

It was Valentines' Day, and thanks to commercialism, everyone felt like they had money to burn.

(Or maybe I'm just bitter that I didn't get flowers? LOL)

I swear, if i keep at this, i'm going to end up like her. 

There were couples of all ages and sizes, and the girl would almost always be carrying either a single rose, or a bouquet. Or there would be a couple wearing his and hers shirts... The atmosphere seemed to permeate of amore... Still, i wasn't convinced. There was this one couple, both wearing red shirts, the lady carrying a bouquet of pink roses and the dude...well, she was holding onto his arm pretty tight. I noticed him check me out, and i was like..."Yeah, right." 

Valentines' Day...Bah, Humbug!


(Ok, enough already.)

Anyway, I found my friends over at Racks, and i had some delish babyback ribs. (That's FLoyd, the birthday boy. He's showing his laryngoscope (he's an Anesthesia resident) off to Jerry (a surgical resident) on the other side of the table.)

Joe and Tope got there at almost 10PM, caught in the traffic jam caused by the big V Day. natch.

A fun dinner, all in all. :-)

I was the one with the camera, so I took this shot of everyone who went, while we were all waiting to hail a taxi. :-)

I got off near Yin's place, and I walked home alone, but it wasn't bad at all, 'cause my place is near the amll, and it's safe enough to walk to, with guards (sleeping or otherwise, haha)  posted every few meters. 

All in all, even if I didn't get to join in with all the mush of Valentines' Day, I had a lot of fun.

My thought while walking? Well... I just thought, that I should be pretty optimistic in the love department. Great  things take time. And I wasn't planning on settling for just anything.


Trina didn't. And she's every bit as happy as a chirpy little chipmunk.

(That's the chocolate cake that came with the serenade from the Frat Boys of the nearby Medical School.)

Now, i'm not really into showy, touchy feely love stuff, but i wouldn't mind the attention at all.

or flowers.

But food, and buns with creamy yema centers?

I don't mind them at all. They weren't for Valentines' day, but hey, who doesn't like freebie food (from special people?)


Hope you all had great Valentines' Day stories to tell!




  1. just had my date today.. no date for vday! haha.. it's kinda crowded..

    visit me back, you're linked! :)

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