Friday, March 11, 2011


"Mommy, this is my girlfriend.... Stephanie..."

(No, he didn't mean me.)


At last night's symposium on a certain brand of anti-depressants at the Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood City, Libis, there was a point where the comedians Tomas and Petite got all frisky and decided to ask one of the doctors to come up to join them onstage. (That's them, by the way, Tomas is the skinnier, short guy with long hair, while Petite is the buxom "woman" in the hot skirt. They were a hoot, by the way.)

Anyway, in this spiel, they were playing out a scenario where the good-looking doctor, a certain JS from the National Center for Mental Health (another psychiatric facility, he's a second-year Psychiatry resident, by the way), was supposed to be introducing his girlfriend, to his mom (Petite, the one on the right).

He sheepishly scratched his head, but went through with it anyway...and they both walked up to his "mom", and he said,

"Mommy, this is my girlfriend, Stephanie..." 

(I almost stood up and called out, "I'm Stephanie!!" , but of course, I didn't. *grin*)

Petite looks at the "girlfriend" and goes, "Stephanie? eh pang-mestiza ang pangalang yan, hindi ka namang mukhang mestiza ah... <-- actually, she said something else, but then I forgot what it was. Basta, bottom line, "she" didn't fit the name Stephanie. (Everyone guffawed, and Jonani (the doctor) tried another name... he picked "Lindsay" this time. Still not convinced.)

:-) I saw the guy up close, earlier that night, he was in front of me while i was getting some potato salad.... (and I read his name off his name tag, which hung around his neck, because I do that.:-))

(i love potato salad, by the way) 

Anyway, the guy turned out to be a good sport, although, he didn't "kiss" Tomas. lol. From the look on his face (it was all in a painful grimace), he seemed to want to fall through the floor, i mean, well, you couldn't make him.

I saw him again while we were waiting for our rides at the lobby. The NCMH people all took a big van and he seemed to be the last to ride, along with a couple of girls (they were both chummy, but body language-wise, i didn't think either one was his girlfriend.) :-) Anyway, i just stood there, waiting with my co-residents, and he was just a mere one-meter away. If i didn't have any impulse control, i probably would've gone, 

"Hey, I'm Stephanie..."

(But I do. And so...I just spent the next few seconds quietly (and discreetly, of course) looking at the guy and observing, looking for nuances, little tics and quirks, like I always do.)

Instant crush? maybe.

And then, he passes in front of me, and I get a whiff... of a manly scent that was familiar.

And "Underneath it All' by No Doubt was playing in the background...

(and I was immediately transported to another place and time...and boy, if you know what i mean.)






  1. nice one Doctor! all the best...

  2. this scene i've come across countless times. it gives you that funny feeling, which after a day or two dissipates into nothingness.

  3. I suspect he's a name tag reader as well. That's why the name popped into his head on stage.

    I know there are different types of potato salad and we all have a personal favorite, but my mom had the BEST recipe! =) Once or twice a year I get inspired to make it.

  4. @Anonymous: it was just a non-serious entry. all in fun. :-)

    @Johnryanrecabar: yep. it did pass. maybe it'll show up again. or maybe it won't. lol

    @Bonedoc: In psychiatry, we believe that there are no such things as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. ;-)

    @RicAdeMus: i love potato salad! :-) Hey, share the recipe please! :-)



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