Friday, April 8, 2011

Here comes chimi.

My friend Chamie gave birth last april 5th, 2011.

A little bit of an intro…

She was pregnant during the screening stages at the start of residency, and was seriously thinking about whether or not to go through with residency at all. With hesitation, she approached the chief resident of our program, and told her of the situation.

Apparently, she was the right person to talk to. With a big smile, and a reassuring pat on the back, the chief resident told her not to worry, “It’s not so hard,” she said, “after all, I myself was pregnant two years out of the three in residency…” (She wasn’t the only one who was pregnant, by the way. Our other chief resident is pregnant, with twins. :-))

That put my friend’s fears to rest, and so far, things have been ok. Sure, she’d be sleepier at times than most of us “non-pregnant” folks, and would sometimes be highly emotional over something, but she managed pretty well. Her patients would go home very much improved. As far as work and studies were concerned, nothing was amiss.

So anyway, you have been forewarned… since I have fallen in love with little Chimi (note: we called her pregnant belly chimichanga, after I started calling her that, and the name stuck.), the next few pictures will just be of her and her “fans”.

If this looked like a maternity shot, you're mistaken. I was actually balancing her in between my... er, i was putting her on my chest. (Look Ma, no hands...)

(I love babies because they're really really soft and smell like milk and are so....fuzzy wuzzy, for lack of a better word.

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  1. Such a cute baby--and yes, that does look like a maternity shot! =) You look very natural holding a baby.

    I'm a fan of Bender the robot. He has almost no redeeming qualities, yet he's lovable.



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