Sunday, April 10, 2011

My first Family Meeting

I did my first family meeting this week.

Boy, was it hard.

After all that emotional strain, I felt I only wanted to do three things…

1.      Call my mother to bawl (I did. She was in church.)
2.      See my boyfriend and bawl. (Right. I should get me one. :-p wishful thinking, haha, but I suppose boyfriends should be around for these purposes..)
3.      Call my bestfriend. (But she’s ‘non-showbiz, so she wouldn’t feel it as intensely.)

I ended up with the next best thing.

I went to hear Mass. And then a friend of mine (and his co-resident  with GC’s, haha)ended up buying me green tea latte (with soy milk) from Starbucks afterwards.

And saw a bit of Barbie Almalbis rocking it out on the stage at the mall. I always thought she was super cool.
Barbie Almalbis, rocking it out on her purple Guitar. (Robinsons' Ermita, April 10,2011)

Oh, and I had my toenails done. Haha.

And then, eventually, I got to thinking that everything was back to normal. And the world was right again.


Back to work for me.



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